Hiii guys! I’m here to give you the low down on one of the best day spas I’ve ever been to. Victoria and I spent the day at Ste Anne’s Spa a couple weekends ago for a (very late) birthday, and omg it was EXACTLY what we needed.

For those of you who don’t know, Victoria (my bff) was working in London, ON. for two years, and FINALLY moved back to Toronto. Thank GODDD. Even though we pretty much saw each other every weekend while she was there, it was still not the same, you know?

Anyway, the second she moved back, I felt as though we needed a full spa day and bestie hangout sesh. And Ste Anne’s Spa was the perfect little getaway.

Who has been?

GUYSSS, it’s such a gorgeous spa. Especially in the winter time. And if you know me, you know that NOTHING is nice in the winter time. I loathe everything about winter, especially activities. LOL. But this spa was everything. If you’re planning a girls getaway, I can’t think of a more cuter place to go.



Right when we arrived, the ladies at the front desk were so helpful and sweet. They immediately give us a bag with our robes and slippers. This way we could get comfy RIGHT AWAY. We were also given lockers for the entire day to hang up our jackets, purses, etc. We got a little tour of the place once we got settled in. The spa is quite large, so you can get lost easily! Large and beautiful. Think 1920s Downton Abbey vibes. I felt like Mary Crawley every second that I sipped on my lemon/ginger tea. SO CHIC.

Anyway, once we were settled we had a morning yoga class booked for us. This was to get the day started. They offer lots of little activities that you can book. We chose yoga. It was so refreshing and nice to start the day with a good stretch. I honestly felt 100 times more relaxed.


After the 1 hour yoga class, Victoria and I explored the Ste Anne’s Spa grounds a bit. We sat for tea in the tea room and just chatted before lunch. Lunch was served in a cute little café. They have the most delicious menu. Everything was super healthy and fresh. I had the trout over a quinoa and kale salad. It had a light drizzle of sweet vinaigrette over it. SO satisfying! Victoria had the vegan burger. I feel like vegan burgers are becoming a thing for people all over! As in you don’t need to be vegan to want this burger. It was SO DAMN GOOD.  It came with a side of salad as well. Oh, and we each started with some delicious broccoli/cauliflower soup. Dessert was a classic cheesecake and crème brûlée. Both were to die for.



After lunch we had lots of time to explore the spa and dip into their pools. Ste Anne’s Spa has got 3 outdoor plunge pools – one was ice cold, another was about room temperature, and the last one was a hot tub. We got changed into bathing suits, and went right for the hot tub. Nothing was more relaxing!

You could spend hours just hanging out in these pools. Of course, if you’re brave enough, you should switch back and forth from the cold to hot pools. This is SO good for your lymphatic system and skin in general. I’m a total wuss, so I stayed in the hot pool. I have done cold plunge pools before though, and they are INTENSE. Like, get ready to freeze your vagina off.  I wasn’t in the mood to freeze mine off that day…

They also have a eucalyptus steam room right around the corner, which is super cool. If you’ve never been to a eucalyptus steam room before, you’re missing out. There are also tons of benefits like improving your cardiovascular health and lowering blood pressure. I need a eucalyptus steam room at home somehow. We all do, really. It’s just so calming and when Andrew is being annoying, I can just lock myself in the eucalyptus steam room. LOL.

Anyway, we spent hours in the pools and then got ready for our facial/ massage. I chose to get an earth stone facial, and Victoria got a deep tissue massage. To be honest, I’ve had better facials. I didn’t really see the benefits of the earth stones that were used during my facial, however, the facial itself was not bad. Skin was definitely glowing after.

Victoria said her massage was pretty good!

At this point in the day we were 100% completely relaxed, and I was ready for a nap! We headed to the tea room for another cup of tea before hitting the road. They have all kinds of teas to choose from. Ste Anne’s Spa also has a little shop where you can buy virtually anything you experienced at the spa – handmade soaps, essential oils, teas, towels, lotions, etc.

Once we finished out tea, we wrapped up and headed back home.

There is also an option of staying the night at the spa if that’s what you’re into. Guys, if ever you’re looking for a good getaway with a beautiful spa, delicious food options, and relaxing Downton Abbey vibes, this is the place to be! You will totally love it.

Okay – who has been here? If you’re planning a bachelorette event, this spot is PERFECT!

Let me know what spas in the area you guys have been to. I’m ALWAYS looking for new ones.

Xx, kim

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Thanks so Ste. Anne’s spa for accommodating us! As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. This spa sounds so amazing! Unfortunately we don’t live close at all. But we did make a trip to the spa today!

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    That was a good idea for a girls getaway. If we only lived close, I would go there too and have a much needed R&R. Thanks for sharing your photos. St. Anne’s Spa looks like a really nice place.

  3. You know, I’ve never actually been to a day spa. It always seemed to me something that rich people did but as I’ve gotten older I have come to realize that it’s something worth doing. I’ve always wanted to go to one. I will have to check some out in my area and see what I can do. That place looks amazing by the way!

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