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Hi guys! You know I’ve always wanted this platform to be a good resource for you. Did you know I’ve got a tab up top for FREE PRINTABLES?

Well now you know!

I’ve always wanted The Chic Confidential blog to be valuable to you always. I’m continuously sharing tips, tricks, ideas, recipes, lifestyle hacks and more in hopes that it inspires you in your own life someway.

I love it when you guys tag me in the recipes I’ve shared on here, or purchased a Monday Must-Have product. Like the ice roller. LOL.

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Anyway, adding free printables to the blog only made sense because again, it’s bringing you more value. You can use these in your daily life. Print them, stick them up on your fridge, or put them in a binder for you reference.

Checklist for Media Kits:

One of the major things for being a successful blogger in this industry is to ALWAYS have a media kit. It’s your tool to work with more brands, gain sponsorships, and stay relevant.

As I was creating mine a few years ago, I need a cheat sheet that couldn’t find online. I wanted a one-pager to kind of compile everything I need to have in my media kit.

After a lot of Google searches, I decided to create my own for anyone who is starting out and needs a cheat sheet. This is a one-pager that will help you create your own media kit. These are must-haves when it comes to pitching brands.

Healthy Snack Ideas:

This is another printable I love using! Print this one and stick this on your fridge. When it comes to snacking (especially during quarantine) we sometimes get out of hand, and munch on chips, chocolates, and other unhealthy things.

I’ve created this little printable so that you can continue eating healthy. These snacks are SO delicious, healthy and quick to make. I’ve got both, sweet and savoury ones on there. Trust me, you’ll love these!

free printables
free printables

Affirmations To Start The Day:

This is a good one to keep by your bed. You can reach for this first thing in the morning, and start the day with one of these affirmations. It might seem silly, or useless reading some of these out loud, but once you get started, you will 100% notice how your day changes.

I love my days to start of on a positive note. I’ve mentioned how morning are HUGE for me. It sets the tone of the entire day. So, I’m very particular about my mornings.

Read more about this here, and here.

Weekly Content Calendar:

This is another one for bloggers/influencers that I find extremely helpful when planning out your content. It’s SO important to pre-plan your week or else you could miss deadlines.

I find this calendar to be so helpful because no matter what platform you’re using, it’s on here! You can print a bunch of these out, and keep this in a folder or binder.

This will help you stay organized and manage your time well. Nothing is worse that being flustered when it comes to content planning. I hate leaving things to the last minute. I know you can’t always plan, but I like to try and organize at least one week at a time.

Bone Broth Recipe:

It’s soup season, and bone broth is one of the healthiest soups you can make! Also, don’t limit yourself to only having it in the fall/winter time. I know it’s more appealing because the weather is cooling down. But bone broth is SO healthy, that it should be had all year round.

This recipe has been in Andrew’s family for years and it’s one of his favourite soups ever. He can have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. His mom used to make this all the time, and now he does too. It’s a bit of a process, but like I said, the health benefits are endless.

free printables

What other free printables do you guys want?

Let me know in the comments, I would love to create more that are beneficial to you guys. You can find all the free printables here.

Xx, kim

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