drugstore face mist

Okay, we are talking the best drugstore face mist I’ve ever used.

I have totally been keeping this from you for a while now. And not on purpose, I swear. Because you know me, I will share everything. I’m an over-sharer TBH.

Anyway, this blog post popped into my head when I got a bunch of DMs from you guys last weekend when I shared a selfie with very dewy skin on Instagram. As we know, I’m obsessed with the DEWIEST skin ever. Not to be confused with oily skin. You don’t want to look like an oily rat. You just want that natural J-Lo dewiness that we all love. Somehow, she has that glow all day, every day.

Anyway, there is something that I ALWAYS do after I’m done applying my make-up. It’s probably the most important step, and one that will make your make-up last ALL DAY.

Insert….N X Y  C O S M E T I C S  D E W Y  S E T T I N G  S P R A Y.


Listen, I’m all about efficiency. Like, how can we apply make-up in the morning, and then make it last until dinner in the evening? Because there is no way that I will re apply make-up all over again for dinner. I’m not about that lifestyle. I’m about the 5-minute face that will last you 8 hours. LOL.

This drugstore face mist is the best in the bizz! TRUST ME. I’ve honestly been using this for over 5 years now, and again, I DO apologize for not sharing this earlier. However, if you’ve been following on Insta then you already know about this.

It’s like $13 bucks and will last you a while. All you need is a couple of spritz once you’re finished applying your make-up.

It won’t only last you 8+ hours, but it will also make your skin DEWY AF. Which we all want.

drugstore face mist

Here’s why I love it:

  • Gives your skin that fresh glow.
  • Make-up stays on WAYYY longer than it should. About 8 hours looking PERFECT.
  • It’s lightweight and doesn’t clog any pores.
  • Also comes in a Matte Finish if you don’t dig the dewy look.

Guys, the reviews are BEYOND amazing. Here are a few:

“This product prevents my make up from caking at my glasses and T-Zone. It goes on light, no smell and convenient size for travel. I am very impressed with this product but more importantly the effectiveness of the product reduced the number of steps in my make-up regime as I no longer need setting powder or pressing powder through out the day. Totally recommend this product!”

“I started using this setting spray last year & have never tried anything else after using this . It is my have to have product . I have gone through about 5 & just cannot get myself to try something else”

“I have this spray in the dewy finish, I chose the dewy because I wanted my make up to look fresh. I was worried though, that the dewy spray would make my make up looked caked on. I use it everyday and I can honestly say it does wonders and it makes my make up look great.”

….adds 8 drugstore face mists to cart….

You know if I dedicate an entire post to ONE product, it means I’m not fucking around. This is legit, and everyone needs this on their vanities. This product is very much TCC approved.

Speaking of mists, do you have a favourite? I have a BUNCH. But they all do different things. Maybe a full post on mists is in order?

Share below if you’ve used the NYX Dewy Mist. And if you don’t have it, grab it here.

Also, check out my girl from Successible Life Blog for all her drugstore faves!

Xx, kim


  1. Kim,
    I would have loved to have seen a ‘before and after’ photo with you using this product. I write a blog for midlife women (I’m 60– probably old enough to be your mom), and I think they would truly be interested in this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sharon. The product is amazing, and you’re totally right, I should’ve done a before and after. I do that usually on my IG Stories.
      Would love to check out your blog xx

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