Okay, let’s get into this blog post, because MANNN, you guys are dying to know all about our travels to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Lemon. I want to share TWO baby-friendly resorts with you guys. In this post we are covering Costa Sur Resort & Spa.

Traveling with a baby… was…challenging, different, interesting, stressful at times…and one of the best vacations we’ve ever been on. And if you’re a parent who’s travelled with a baby before, then you know exactly what I mean. I will share more on our tips & tricks later on in the post.

Both resorts we stayed at had very different vibes. We absolutely loved them both and would go back in a heartbeat!

Let’s talk about Costa Sur Resort & Spa in this blog post. It’s the first resort we stayed at once we arrived in Puerto Vallarta.

It’s a beautiful beachfront resort located just south of Puerto Vallarta’s city center. It has a very relaxing atmosphere and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding lush jungle.

The resort offers a variety of room types to accommodate different needs and preferences, including standard rooms, suites, and apartments. We had a gorgeous oceanview room with a kitchenette. All of the rooms are spacious and decorated in a classic Mexican style, with terraces or balconies overlooking the ocean or the mountains. Honestly, breathtaking. You can request a crib if you need, making it a very baby-friendly resort, which is what we did. The crib are nice and clean. I did however, bring my own crib sheets. (You certainly don’t have to).

One of the main attractions of Costa Sur is its beautiful beach. The resort has a private beach area with soft sand and clear blue water, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and sun tanning. There are also two swimming pools, one is oceanfront and the other is quiet and tranquil. Unfortunately, while we were there, the currents were too strong to swim in the ocean, but we enjoyed every second of the views. OH! And it was whale season when we were there, which was pretty much the highlight of our entire year. We saw whales multiple times a day, and it never ever got old.

The food as Costa Sur was nothing but spectacular. They have very authentic Mexican dishes, which I loved! The breakfasts were my favourite. And for happy hour, everyday, I got a plate of chips, guac, and salsa, with a glass of chilled white wine and it was the best thing ever.

  • Dining options: The restaurant at the resort is called La Cascada and offers a variety of foods. Every night Costa Sur has a different theme night like: Italian night, Surf and Turf, Prime Rib and Mexican Fiesta among many others. They also have a snack bar called Seahorse Snack Bar.

Andrew and I are both such foodies, we truly enjoyed every single meal here. I wish you guys could taste everything I captured here. But for now, you’ll just have to salivate over these food photos. Again, being such a baby-friendly resort, the staff was able to bring me foods such as avocados, veggies, rice, beans made specially for Lemon.

Overall if you’re looking for a good baby-friendly resort that’s peaceful and relaxing in Puerto Vallarta, Costa Sur is an amazing choice. I love that it has a very boutique-y feel, it’s small and intimate, and the staff is just incredible. It’s very baby-friendly as well, but not overly filled with kids. Which is honestly something I realized I love. I want peace and quite and this resort was exactly that.

costa sur resort - sunset

Every night you can see the most perfect sunset ever. The views at this resort are unreal. It’s something I will miss the most.

Now, tips & tricks and things we learned when traveling with a baby:

  • We packed EVERYTHING. Literally everything. I’m working on a huge list for you guys, but in the meantime, if you need a list, I’ve shared one on Instagram. I found that by having absolutely everything helps reduce any stresses. I know you can buy lots of things there, but it’s yet another thing to do with a baby, and all your luggage. So, we just brought everything.
  • Lower your expectations when traveling with a baby. LOL. It’s just not the same as when you and your husband traveled alone. We realized that one pretty quickly.
  • Be okay with doing things alone. Andrew and I ate a few dinners/lunches together, but we did a lot of it separately too. Because there is no point of both you sitting in the room when baby naps. We took turns.
  • Be flexible with your nap schedules/bed times. It’s okay to “mess them up a little”. Babies are resilient, and will bounce back pretty quickly.
  • Brings lots of snacks on the flight.

I had LOTS of questions about whether we brought our car seat or not. We did. She was still in the newborn car seat, so that lugged that with us. I was just not comfortable having her sit in a car without a car seat. But, that’s us. You do you! Maybe I would feel differently now that she’s in the toddler car seat?

I hope you guys found this post helpful as I know so many of you had messaged me asking for good baby-friendly resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Stay tuned for another full blog post on the other resort we stayed at. And let me know if you guys have any questions. Happy to help and share more.

Ps. Check out Costa Sur’s Instagram page too.

Xx, Kim

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  1. What a stunning resort. The food looks great and that’s amazing you went during whale season! Also, I appreciate the baby travel tips. Thanks for providing so many key details.

    1. That’s amazing! You will love it there. Are you planning on going to this resort? It’s the perfect balance for adults and kids in my opinion. They have cribs too if your baby sleeps in one.

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