Let’s get real for a second – I actually dislike Christmas gift guides. LOL. It’s my least favourite post, but it seems it’s the MOST needed post during the holidays.

I did a little poll on Instagram and most of you voted that you wanted a gift guide. So, here we are. But I’m making it very very specific. Most gift guides are all over the place, filled with crap people don’t need.

I’m getting specific in this Christmas gift guide. These are ALL things I have, need, and LOVE.

Oh, and some of these things are slightly pricey but totally worth it. Like I said, I’m over getting useless things that are going to collect dust in the corner. Andrew and I have completely switched to gifting ONLY things we need to each other. Like, no honey, I don’t need another mug with my initials on it…

Everything on this list are things I use daily, so I’m sharing them with you guys. You can gift these to your mom, sister, aunt, girlfriend, best friend, whoever.



For the beauty guru.

Mmmmmk, I’ve never really been a make-up brush snob, but after seeing and using these brushes, I’m obsessed. I was always on the hunt for a good brush set and spotted these at the Fancy Face event while I was getting my hair done.

I knew I had to have them when I saw them! They are a beautiful blush pink with a gold and white handle. These brushes are cruelty-free, vegan, and ethically-made which I love.

They are made from nano synthetic fibres which are easy to clean, they pick up a ton of pigment, and are super super soft on the skin. It does not irritate sensitive skin, which I love.

The set includes 15 beautiful brushes plus the cutest make-up case you’ll ever use. The best part about these brushes is that every single brush is labeled with what you use it for. So, if you’re ever confused about which brush to use when smudging your eye shadow, don’t worry, it’s all labeled!

They are SO chic when sitting on your vanity too, which is always a plus!

Grab them here.


For the babe who travels.

When I travel, I’m VERY specific with my beauty products. To the point where I was once questioned by airport security on my products. It was very embarrassing when he opened up all my beauty and skincare products in the middle of the airport while we were traveling with Andrew’s entire family to Jamaica. Not my proudest moment.

But like, I need my shit, k?

Anyway, using hotel shampoo and conditioner is a huge no for me. There’s nothing more drying than using hotel beauty products on my hair/skin. Which is why I always travel with my favourite little travel kit.

This kit has got the essentials! Shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, the curl enhancing styling cream, and of course, hairspray! You’ll never hair a bad hair day when you travel with this kit.

It also comes in a cute clear case, so that if you happened to get stopped during airport security, they don’t have to open up all your bags with tampons and underwear spilling out. LOL.

Grab it here.


For the minimalist.

Okay, everyone loves a candle, amiright?! What are the holidays if you don’t have candles burning by the fireplace?

But this candle!!! The everlasting candle is so chic. Guys, I have the matte black ones, and they look amazing on my gold bar cart. I like to switch it up, and put them on my coffee table once in a while.

Even Andrew loves them, and he usually hates on all my candles. Typical guy.

These beauties are odourless, smokeless, and the best part is, they last forever! They come with 3 candles, the glass vase, and the Pristine Oil.

They make the perfect gift all year round, not just for Christmas. They are great for a house warming gift too! They have such a minimalist design that everyone will love.

Grab them here. (Use my code CHIC10 for 10% off)


For the chef in the family.

I was recently gifted this pan, and MY GODDD, I love it! Whenever I’m reaching for a pan to use, this is my go-to.

Andrew and I are huge cooks in our home. We love trying out new recipes, and over the quarantine period, we’ve cooked A LOT. (Check out this post if you need recipe ideas!)

The one thing we never cheap out on is kitchen pots, pans, knives, and gadgets. We love quality!! We never buy cheap kitchen items because within the first couples uses, it deteriorates. And nothing is more frustrating than that. We’ve all been through that in our early 20s in college/uni.

Now in our 30s, we know better than to buy cheap kitchen stuff. This pan is heavenly to cook with. You can do SO much with it. It’s called The Always Pan for a reason.

You can braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, boil, the list goes on! It is non-toxic, nonstick ceramic coating made without toxic materials like PFOAs, PTFEs, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, toxic metals, and nanoparticles. It’s also super lightweight which is great for me. I’m not always a fan of the heavier pan.

Grab it here.


For the 5-minute face, gal.

I can’t do a Christmas Gift Guide and not include some Radford products! 😛

Since being in lockdown for the last 8 months, these two products have been my go-to! If you’re the girl that’s G2G and only has 5 minutes to look put-together, these are the two products you need!

TINT – If you’ve been following me for a while, then you already know that TINT is a part of my make-up routine. It’s also got SPF20 in there, so you don’t need to worry about applying sunscreen under it. It’s the best tinted moisturizer I’ve ever used!

GEL LINER – I love this eye liner for SO many reasons. It glides on smoothly, so you can either use as an eye liner, or a smokey eyeshadow look. Pyrite (the colour) makes your eyes pop open, and looks amazing with every eye colour!

Grab them both in The Chic Confidential Bundle here. (It comes with complimentary eye & face masks!)


For the soon-to-be hairstylist.

Okay you don’t need to be a hairstylist to get this gift!

I have talked SO much about this blow dry brush I feel like a broken record! But it’s THAT good, and I just think that everyone needs one.

I have curly, frizzy hair, and it takes me 15 minutes to blow dry my hair with this brush. It pretty much does all the hard work for you. Not only does it give you smooth, straight hair, but it also gives your hair so much volume that lasts for days

If you’ve been thinking about this purchase for a while, I’m telling you, put it on your Christmas wish list now. It’s amazing! And get one for your sister or mom. They have a limited edition red colour for the holidays!

Grab it here.

women's perfume


For the fragrance collector.

Oh my!! This is a goodie! And one of my favourite scents right now. This needed to be on the Christmas gift guide! I’m so beyond obsessed with this one. Everything from the beautiful bottle, right down to the smells.

This feminine fragrance combines consciously sourced ingredients from around the world in a blend of woody and floral notes. Bergamot meets Egyptian orange blossom, amplified by Indian tuberose and jasmine. At the base, white musk and cedarwood from Virginia combine with vanilla from Madagascar.

In simplistic terms, it’s perfect for a woman who loves a citrus-y scent, with a hint of florals.

The bottle: The blue and gold cap represents the Earth, which connects us to nature and each other. The cap is englobed by a golden ring, symbolizing a unique path illuminated by every encounter along the way.

Grab it here.

Okay, that is my veryyy specific Christmas gift guide. I’m not doing anymore gift guides, so this is it! But stay tuned for lots more holiday content.

What is on your Christmas wish list? Share in the comments, so that others can see and get inspo!

For me – I want a good book! I need something mysterious and murder-y to read at night. Lol.

Xx, kim

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  1. I love these ideas! The everlasting candle and the revelon one-step hair dryer are my favorites! Totally putting these on my wish list, thanks for sharing!

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