Talk about a super last minute gift guide!

I mean, if you haven’t finished ALL your Christmas shopping by now, this post is for you. I’m not so much of a last minute shopper, because really, I do all my shopping online and avoid malls as much as possible. We live in an online world. I don’t know WHY anyone needs to be going to the malls for anything these days. Especially around Christmas, when it’s super hectic, there’s never any parking, and people are just blatantly rude. You know? I’d rather shop in the comfort of my own home with PJs on, sipping on some vino. Much more my vibe.

Anyway, in case you still need to get some shopping done, I’ve put together the chicest gift guide, ever. These things are super useful, pretty, and overall, she’ll actually want it. There’s nothing worse than getting a gift you will never use. I mean, I get the whole ‘it’s the thought that counts’ thing, but let’s get real, wtf am I going to do with a pair of red & green knitted gloves? Sorry. #NotSorry

To be very honest, I’m not much of a gifts person. (really!) I’d rather my friends and family spend their hard earned cash on someone else. The last thing I want is for someone to have to buy me a Chanel bag or a pair of Tom Ford boots…it’s just not fair, you know? ? It’s something I’d rather get myself. I do however, love a good experience gift. Spa day, a delicious meal together….a vacation. LOL. Anyone else just not a gift person? Weigh in.

Okay, let’s get to this gift guide, shall we?











































Marble Cutting Board Set

Anything marble, really! I can’t resist. If you come into my home, you’ll notice most things are marble. My plate set, my soon-to-be coffee table, my laptop and phone cases. The list goes on. #obsessed. You really can’t go wrong with gifting someone a marble cutting board. Especially homey people with style. It’s so chic.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the planner. When it comes to organizing, I’m very old school. I write everything down. I carry around a planner that NEVER leaves my bag. It really is my other half. Don’t get me wrong, I still use my phone for throwing in my appointments and such. It’s great for getting reminders. But, there’s something about writing down important dates, memories, etc. in an actual planner. And this Kate Spade planner is everything. It’s got ample space to jot down everything, a little ‘notes’ section, and even some blank pages. Oh, and it’s polka dotted gold…does it get chicer? I think, not.

Paul Hewitt Ancuff Bracelets

How adorable are these bracelets?! They come in gold, silver, and rose gold, and can pretty much go with everything. I love the shape of the anchor as well. It’s versatile and not too girly. I’d even stack all three if I could. Check out Paul Hewitt’s collections, they have a ton of cute, nautical accessories.

Karl Lagerfeld Paris – Shoulder Bag

Okay, it’s no Chanel, but close enough, right? There’s nothing like being gifted with a bag from the House of Chanel’s designer. Plus, look at it! It’s very Chanel-esque. The blush pink is such a great colour for the bag as well. They also have it in a silver and black, but my choice is definitely the blush pink.

Art Prints

There’s ALWAYS room for more art. Especially in my home. I really can’t get enough. I’m still in the process of creating a black and white wall in my office with some great prints. It’s been a slow process, but for anyone thinking of doing the same thing, these are perfect! Random sayings, fashion sketches, black & white photography, I love it all. Indigo is definitely the place to hunt for these prints. Also, their online collection is SO much bigger than the store. So, pour yourself some tea and settle in, because the options are endless.

Minx NY Wrap Scarf

I love a good statement piece, and this scarf is JUST that! Something warm, cozy, and super cute? Yes, please. And can you ever have too many scarves? We live in a country where you can literally wear scarves all year round. At least I do. So, there’s really no reason you can’t have another scarf. Amiright?

Sudio Sweden – Wireless Earphones

I mean, a pair of white/rose gold, wireless earphones?? Chic, right? I’m over bulky earphones that ruin your hair. These little ones fit perfectly into my purse pocket or even a clutch. They come in their own little white pouch as well. The perfect Christmas gift for anyone, if you ask me!

There you have it guys. I’ve made it pretty simple for you last minute shoppers. I’m sure I’m missing a TON of gifts, so if you have any suggestion, PLEASE leave them below!
On another note, just remember, Christmas is SO not about gifts. Enjoy the season with family and friends. That’s the best gift you could ever have. I’m so grateful for the amazing people I have in my life and couldn’t be more thankful.
Xo, kim




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