broadview hotel toronto

broadview hotel toronto

So, we had a staycation this weekend….meow.

To be honest, I’ve been feeling quite burnt out lately. And with the weather changing so rapidly and getting colder by the day, it’s really got me in a mood, ya know?

Getting home from work, making dinner, watching the sky get dark at 7ish these days was getting to be a bore. LOL. I don’t want to sound like brat, but sometimes you need a change in scenery. Especially in the winter months.

We’ve all heard of seasonal depression or Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and we either have it or know people who do. It’s a real fucking thing. Low energy, problems sleeping, and overall blah feeling.

There are days I’d love to just pack up and get on a flight to Puerto Vallarta and have a mini vacation at the Villa Premiere (my all time favourite Mexican hotel). The guac and chips were to DIE for.

Anyway, Mexico sounds lovely and all, but when you just can’t getaway due to work restrictions and life in general, you plan little staycations. Trust me, staycations are the way to a happier and healthier lifestyle. It switches up your daily routine and gets you in the mood for something fun and adventurous. You can do little weekend stays at cottages or hotels, spa retreats, or road trips in the neighbouring towns. Something different to spice up your life. You know?

So, last weekend, Andrew and I decided a staycation was much needed. We wanted something cute, boutique-y, chic, and cozy. We love to get fancy for a night of dinner and drinks every now and then.

So, we booked a night at The Broadview Hotel in Toronto.

Guys, it’s such a charming hotel! It’s dark, moody, and sexy. MY VIBES COMPLETELY. It was built in 1891 by a serial entrepreneur, Archibald Dingman. They’ve only got 58 boutique rooms at the hotel that is designed to make you feel completely at home. Think floral wallpaper, gold fixtures, and vintage pieces, like the vinyl record players in every room. Ugh, I die for this décor. And so did Andrew, because he’s got quite the vinyl collection at home.

The room was beautiful. Large European king bed, black-out blinds, fully stocked mini bar with locally sourced goods, French press for coffee in the morning, and free Wi-Fi, of course. Some rooms have an outdoor terrace for lounging and relaxing.

Every room has beautiful art pieces and unique architecture that make every room slightly different that the other. The art was KILLER. Every floor had a piece I wanted to just grab off the wall and take home. If you know me, then you know how I feel about art on the walls. If you guys remember when I purchased my condo years ago, it didn’t feel like home until I had art up on the walls. It’s so major for me, and there’s just something homey about art. I home with art feels lived in, you know? Anyway, The Broadview Hotel has got such fantastic pieces on every floor and every room. They’re all super edgy, fun, and cheeky.

The hotel is also located on Queen and Broadview which is perfect for anyone that loves the City. The hotel is very relaxing and cozy, but if you wanted the hustle and bustle of Toronto, step outside, and enjoy the local bars and restaurants in the area.

Most people usually do staycations to unwind and relax. And as much as that was totally needed for both Andrew and I, we also love to get dressed up and have a little night out on the town (or rendezvous within the hotel).

So, we did exactly that. We headed straight up to the rooftop bar for a cocktail. I had the Elderflower Smash. OMG – Aperol, Elderflower, basil, lemon. So refreshing!! Andrew had the beer on tap. The Rooftop Bar has the most stunning views of the Toronto skyline and the Don River. A 360° glass facade, pyramidal skylight, and rooftop terrace. They have yummy little bites as well, if you don’t want a full dinner. We had the Spanish fries. YUM. The rooftop bar has a very cozy vibe and most probably the best spot for sunset photos.

We had dinner reservations at The Civic, which is located right in The Broadview Hotel. After our cocktails, we headed there. The restaurant has the original brick façade, huge glass windows, and a gorgeous wine cellar. Lots and lots of vintage-y vibes.

Again, the atmosphere is dark and moody, and just so perfect for us. We started with a couple of cocktails again. I had a cosmopolitan and Andrew loves his Old-Fashioned. He ordered oysters and I had the butternut squash soup for starters.

Our mains – the duo of Ontario Lamb for Andrew, and the Spinach Cavatelli for me. I also ordered a side of roasted mushrooms, because you know I’m obsessed. Check out my full post on Why I Eat Mushrooms 7 Days a Week, here.

Our meal (and service btw) was spectacular. Andrew had wine at dinner and I had a glass of prosecco, which was the recommended pairing for the Spinach Cavatelli. After dinner we shared a little dessert. Dark chocolate with coconut. YUM.

Once we finished dinner, we weren’t ready for bed yet. So, we decided to check out the other bar in the hotel. We felt like we needed to hit up all 3 bars. The Broadview Bistro + Bar has more of a modern look and feel with its large windows that fills the entire space with light. They do an all-day breakfast, which is to die for! But I had another glass of prosecco and Andrew had a couple more beers. It’s safe to say we really went overboard with the cocktails and drinks that night. LOL. My head was another situation in the morning…

We jetted off to the cozy king bed after drinks and literally had the BEST sleep ever.

Okay, so here’s a tiny little wedding update for you. In the morning, (coffee in hand) we took a tour with one of their event coordinators of their venue spaces. Since we were already there, and really loved the hotel, we thought we’d check it out for our wedding. Andrew LOVES vintage vibes, and I’m obsessed with modern fixtures, which is exactly what this hotel is all about. Its’ the perfect juxtaposition of vintage and modern, with all the coolest art, which is very us.

BUT, us being us, we’re reallllyyyy taking our time with this whole wedding planning thing. LOL. I’ve never been someone who knew what I wanted for a wedding. I think I’ll know it when I come across it. But LOVE the dark, moody, and sexy vibes!

Anyway, the one night stay was the perfect little getaway that I needed to recoup and rejuvenate. Sometimes we don’t realize just how much we work. We are constantly on the go, whether it’s working a full-time job, or juggling kids, or writing and editing blog posts, or just cleaning the house! These things become so second nature to us that we don’t see that we’re overworking ourselves and deserve a break.

Which is why staycations are the perfect way to give yourself that tiny little break. This past month has been non-stop, and I’m glad we took some time and did this staycation.

If you guys are looking for a quickie getaway, trust me, you want to stay here. It’s very chic, homey-vibes, and the perfect balance between relaxation and night-on-the-town. Dress up or just stay in your bathrobe. Totally your call, but do yourself a favour and take a staycation when you need it. Also, speaking of bathrobes, I could live in their bathrobes! SO SOFT AND COMFY.

I’m definitely going to try and work in a few more staycations this winter.

What are your thoughts on staycations? Any cute ideas for our next one? Do tell.

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Thank you to the Broadview Hotel for hosting us. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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