Okay, let’s discuss the best gadgets for sleep, shall we?

Because I’m BATSHIT, PSYCHO when it comes to my sleep. Just ask Andrew. He knows. I sleep with 9453862978 different types of gadgets, and if I don’t have all of them I become the crazy chick from The Ring. Remember that movie?? LOL

Nothing is worse than being sleep deprived, in my opinion. I bet all the moms reading this want to punch me in the face right about now. In all fairness, my time will come when I’ve got children climbing into my bed at 6am. And I’m sure all the sleep deprivation is totally worth it. But for now, I will thoroughly enjoy waking up at 11am on weekends. (Sometimes even 12…)

Sleep plays a huge role in our health and wellbeing. Not getting quality sleep can affect your mental health, physical health, quality of life.

So yes, when it comes to my sleep, I need it to be OPTIMAL. I want to function to the best of my ability, always.

Let’s discuss my the best gadgets for sleep, shall we?

I won’t share ALL the 9453862978 gadgets I sleep with, but I will share the ones I think you guys should get if you’re having trouble sleeping.

A black out sleep mask:

If you’re sensitive to light, get one of these! Sometimes, black out curtains just aren’t enough. They’ve got all sorts of amazing sleep masks these days. Memory foam, ones that curve to the shape of your nose, etc. It’s kind of a test/trial with these things. You have to find one that’s perfect for YOU. So, you may need to test out a few different kinds. Always head to Amazon, I feel like they have everything for everyone.

A sound machine:

GAME CHANGER, you guys. Especially if you sleep with a snorer. (Ahem Andrew…who by the way doesn’t think he snores) Also, I’ve tried ear plugs – not a fan of them. They hurt my ears. I also just LOVE the sound of a fan. And yes, I have an actual fan/heater, but we’ll get to that in the next point. Sounds machines are the new thing. I found mine online at Best Buy, and it just seemed perfect for me. They have SO MANY options! The ONLY sound I want to hear when I’m sleeping is the sound of a fan. None of the nature, birds-chirping, waves-in-the-ocean type of sounds. No no no. I don’t want to feel like I’m sleeping in a forest. The volume of these sounds machines are also great. The louder the snoring…the louder the sound machine goes.

Fan/ heater duo:

ESSENTIAL. Because if your body temperature changes, you need to adjust the temperature of the room immediately. I don’t want to get out of my bed, turn the lights on, find the thermostat and then adjust the temp. By the time all that happens I will be wide the fuck awake. I just want to turn over, adjust accordingly, and fall right back to sleep. Is that SO lazy of me? Whatever. So, I have a little fan-heater duo that sits beside my bed. I usually keep the fan on all night, and then in the morning I’ll switch to a little heat action. Because it’s ALWAYS cold in the mornings…

Stacked Pillows:

Okay, this might age me a little, but if you’ve got joint pains in your back, hips or knees, get on board with stacked pillows. Honestly, I can’t sleep without these. I take two of my throw pillows and stack them one on top of the other, and then put my left knee over them as I sleep on my right side so that my hips are in line. Basically parallel to each other. I find that this really helps with my hips. It’s kind of like a hip-opening stretch while you sleep. Think of it as a yoga pose. HAHA

A cute bedside water bottle:

Again, nothing more annoying than getting thirsty in the middle of the night and NOT having water right beside you. If I wake up in the middle of the night (which is rare) but IF I do, it’s always due to dehydration. I never go to bed without having water beside me. I don’t need a lot of water (unless I’m hungover). Just a few sips so that I don’t have to pee. Cause HOW ANNOYING would that be?? Also – make sure your water bottle is BPA free.

Okay, your turn! Do we have any psycho sleepers over here?! Am I missing anything from this list that I need in my life? SHARE.

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was very low-key. I took a weekend off from blog shoots. I feel like it’s necessary to just chill and do nothing some weekends. Most weekends are go go go, so this was a nice, relaxing one.

If you know me, you know I love a cup of espresso on Saturday mornings. I like to sit in silence, sip on my coffee, and clear my mind of anything. I find so much peace in doing that. It actually prepares me for the rest of my day. Moments like that are so rare, so try and fit that in whenever you can.

Okay, I’m off to start my bedtime routine. Should I do a post on everything that comes BEFORE I get into bed? It’s like a 25 minute process. LOL.

Chat soon.

Xx, kim

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best gadgets for sleep

28 thoughts on “BEST GADGETS FOR SLEEP.”

  1. Yes bed time routine! My friend’s routine is also 25 mins and then there’s me…after the shower, I just wash my face and put cream! Lol should probably take more care at share your routine Kim 🙂

    1. Kimberley Marquis

      HAHA – yes girl, you defs need to take more care of your skin! I will share that nighttime routine! xx

  2. I have so much trouble sleeping and staying asleep unless I take some form of sleep aid. I hate having to take it. I will be trying to get some of these items to start and see if it helps. Thanks for the article!

  3. I recently started sleeping with stacked pillows, due to neck issues. Such an easy game changer! Sleep is super valuable to me, if I don’t get my 8 hours I go slightly (ok, very) crazy!

  4. I do have a bad sleeping habit. I always wanted to have a better sleep at night. This is something that I really need.

  5. Angela Cardamone

    These are all great tips! I have a sound machine and love being lulled to sleep between the ocean waves from it!!

  6. Over the years I’ve become such a sensitive and light sleeper it’s so annoying and frustrating. I get woken up by every little sound. However, I can sleep on all surfaces basically (and I love sleeping in cars while traveling). I should try something with this sound device and a mask.. maybe it’ll work 🙂

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

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