This post is long overdue since we took our babymoon in November of 2021, but I wanted to be thorough and specific about everything. I want to share all the details with you guys, because this trip was SO SO special! One that we will never forget.

What is a babymoon? A babymoon is similar to a honeymoon, in that it's a celebratory vacation. But instead of spending alone time with your spouse after getting married, you're enjoying quality time together before the birth of a new baby. 

LOL, I felt like I needed to define what a babymoon is because when I told my parents we were going on a “babymoon,” they were like WTF is that?! So now that that’s clear, let jump into the details of this post, shall we?

Andrew and I 100% knew that we needed to take ONE more trip, just us, before the baby arrived. We never had a proper wedding (thanks Covid!) and didn’t take a honeymoon after our little marriage ceremony. Read about our Covid Wedding here. It’s actually pretty cute, and I don’t regret a second of it.

But a babymoon HAD to happen!! After browsing the web for hours on where to travel based on Covid cases, Zika virus, pregnancy safety measures, etc., we decided that Saint Lucia was the perfect babymoon destination for us. I had been to Saint Lucia before, but Andrew hadn’t. I’ve always wanted to go back and explore the GORGEOUS country again, so it was an easy decision.

If you want to check out the vlog I created for the trip, see below:


The day we were leaving out of Canada was a blizzardy, snowy day and sure enough our flight was delayed by a couple of hours. No biggie, because shit happens and who cares since we were going to be in sunny Saint Lucia soon.

After a few delays, a 6 hours long flight, we finally arrived to Saint Lucia. It was about 8pm, and totally dark outside, so we weren’t able to enjoy any views when we landed. But the temperature was a warm 27 degrees and I couldn’t be happier. The smells of nature and ocean were boosting up my dopamine levels.

We arrived to Stonefield Villa Resort, and were immediately greeted with some chilled grapefruit punch. YUM. They quickly checked us in and explained the resort services, amenities, restaurant, and took us over to our villa – the villa with the ocean and piton views…

Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the views due to the darkness of the night. We headed straight for the Mango Restaurant at the resort since we were starving. Dinner was amazing!! The Mango Restaurant is the only restaurant on the resort.

A few resort facts:

  • The resort is a boutique style resort with 17 French Colonial style villas.
  • Each villa is equipped with its own private pool and outdoor shower.
  • The Mango Restaurant is wellness-focused Creole cuisine. They use fresh organic fruits and vegetables, along with fresh-caught and local meats.
  • Every villa has unbelievable views of the Pitons and the lush tropical surroundings.
  • They have complimentary shuttle service to Malgretoute Beach.
  • Free daily breakfast served fresh at the Mango Tree restaurant.

When we woke up in the morning, the views of our villa took our breath away! We were in AWE of this beauty! The ocean was the most gorgeous shade of blue, lush trees were as green as ever, and the petite piton…staring back at us was the most picturesque thing I’ve ever seen. Everything was perfection. Our villa was stunning. Fully equipped with a mini kitchen, fridge stocked with water, cream for coffees, and Piton beers. The king-sized bed was under a net to keep the bugs away, and the outdoor shower was INSANE. Don’t worry, no one can see you. But apparently they can hear you 😉

Oh, and did I mention the private pool? YEAAAA…

I didn’t want to leave the villa that morning, so we ordered room service, sat out on the patio while we sipped our coffees and ate some breakfast. It was the perfect first morning to our babymoon.


Almost everyday we did an excursion or activity. We love to get out and explore new towns and mingle with locals, so these were so key for us. Of course, there was a lot of R&R and beach time happening daily as well.

Diamond Falls / Botanical Gardens:

The Diamond Falls are consistently described as one of the natural wonders of St Lucia. Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, a six-acre multi-award-winning tourism site, is an attractive, alluring and peaceful retreat from the outside world. Enjoy the beauty and sultry warmth of the tropics whilst walking through lush fertile vegetation and marvelling at the diverse range of tropical flowers and plant life. You have just stepped into a world with a breathtaking waterfall, hot mineral springs fill the historical baths with age old medicinal waters and flora and fauna abounds.

If you love a good waterfall, check this out when you go. The botanical gardens are right around the corner too, so make sure to do this. They take you on a little tour and show you the local Saint Lucian plants. It was such a cool experience and you’re right in the tropics. Saint Lucia is SO LUSH and green!

Sulphur Springs Volcano & mud baths:

OMG the perfect babymoon excursion! Nothing more relaxing than mud-bathing in the volcanos of Saint Lucia. Your skin feels amazing!! This is an absolute MUST when you visit Saint Lucia!

Sulphur Springs is the “world’s only drive in volcano”; it is in Saint Lucia towards the southwestern side of the island, near Soufrière (French for Sulfur). A couple of hundred yards downstream from the springs, the water temperature is still hot (around 110 Fahrenheit or 45 Celsius), but cool enough for tourists to enter and give themselves a mud bath. These mud baths are believed by some to contain medical purposes and are used by some tourists and locals for said reasons.

Toraille Waterfalls:

A breathtaking waterfall gushes 50 feet over a cliff side and cascades into a pool at the center of a charmingly landscaped garden. A nature trail with quaint bridges and walkways leads you through the lush greens and dazzling colors of this tropical paradise. You can take a refreshing bath under the waterfall, and on days when the force of the water is not too strong, you can enjoy an invigorating back and shoulder massage under the falls.

Signature Spa Experience at Escape Spa at Stonefield Villa Resort:

If you’re on your babymoon, this is such a must-do! Andrew and I did a couples massage at the resort. I had a prenatal massage and Andrew had a custom deep-tissue massage. It was absolutely perfect. I was 27 weeks pregnant at this time, and loved every minute of the massage. Highly recommend!

Chocolate Tour at Cacoa Sainte Lucie:

The artisanal chocolate factory located at Belvedere, Canaries handcrafts its chocolate nib, bar and truffle to create an inimitable coco experience for visitors. Cacoa Sainte Lucie offer four unique experiences. They startwith how chocolate is made, harvesting chocolate to the final packaging. Customers are giving an in-depth understanding of how the chocolate is made and actually get the opportunity to make it themselves.

This was such a cool experience. We got to make our own chocolate!! And of course, indulged in the most purest form of hot chocolate. This is so so so good. If you’re a chocolate lover, you must try this out. Baby and I loved it 😉

Tour of SAINT Lucia Distillers:

Not the most ideal thing to do on your babymoon, (LOL) but if you love rum, then you definitely have to check out this distiller. I smelled a lot of the rum, and Andrew did all of the drinking…

It was super fun to see how they make the rum there, and we grabbed a couple bottles to take home. I will indulge in some rum once the baby is out of me.

Sunset Cruise:

Another absolute must-do when you’re in Saint Lucia! We did a private sunset cruise for a couple of hours, and my GOSH, it was so stunning. I missed having a glass of rosé on the boat, but the views, and warm weather made up for it. Pack a little picnic basket of cheese and crackers when you go, and just take in the ocean. It was honestly one of my favourite evenings in Saint Lucia. If you get lucky, you may see a dolphin or two. We got to see some wild turtles.

At some point I would love to create a vlog of the trip. I captured SO many incredible moments that I would love for you guys to see. But in the meantime, I will leave you with a few more photos from the babymoon.

babymoon package at stonefield villa resort
Mom and Dad enjoying our last few days on the beach!
babymoon in saint lucia
The locals all waiting to catch some fish! We explored the town of Soufriere, Saint Lucia one afternoon!

Guys, this babymoon was everything I wanted and more. Like I said, it was SO special getting to spend some time away with Andrew. We really took in every single sunset, we couldn’t stop talking about our precious little baby who was going to be coming in a few short weeks, and we really enjoyed every minute with each other. It was one of the best trips we’ve taken!

Stonefield Villa Resort blew our minds with this babymoon. We booked the babymoon package by the way. It was PERFECT and exactly what we wanted. The staff at Stonefield was incredible every step of the way. The cared so much for us (and baby), constantly asking how she was.

I should also mention that the safety and cleanliness during Covid times at the resort and in Saint Lucia overall was impeccable. Not once did I feel unsafe being around the staff at the resort or anywhere in Saint Lucia. Everywhere we went, they would take our temperatures and make sure we were masked and sanitized.

If you’re looking for an incredible and unforgettable babymoon, trust me, Stonefield Villa Resort in Saint Lucia is the PLACE TO BE!!

Okay, who has been to Saint Lucia before? Let’s chat about how gorgeous this country is in the comments!

Xx, kim

++ If you enjoy travel content, be sure to check out our vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

+ A huge thank you to the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority for hosting us on this press trip. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

stonefield villa resort beach
babymoon in st lucia


  1. Beautiful blog! I am also looking to visit St. Lucia for my babymoon and from Toronto too 🙂 would you mind letting me know how many weeks pregnant you were at the time of travel? I am aiming to go hopefully at week 24/25. Thanks so much

  2. Hi there! Thinking about this resort for our Babymoon in August! Did you have any thoughts/concerns on Zika before going or once you got there?

    1. Hi Janie,

      We did! And I did so much research before hand about Zika, and Saint Lucia was one of the top countries that barely had that virus anymore. You’ll be very safe there. 🙂

      1. Hi there, came across this site, it’s helpful. Would you mind sharing what research you did? To date, I’ve just consulted with our resort where we’ll be staying, and checking the Canadian travel advisory site for St Lucia, which says take normal precautions. Our OB appointment is not until October, and our trip is contemplated for end of November – so reluctant to book flights just yet until we have total peace of mind. Although risks seem to be low (not entirely zero), it’s kinda “travel at your own risk” type of vibe

        1. Hi Sam,

          The research I did was online plus I talked to my OB. It’s very very low risk of Zika virus there (which is what I think you’re asking about?) I wouldn’t worry. Obviously if you are in the least bit worried, then don’t go, and book elsewhere for a babymoon. I took the risk, because it was SUPER low. I didn’t even get one mosquito bite while we travelled there. You can also get bloodwork done once you’re back for peace of mind. They have a test for Zika. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  3. Hey! You mentioned something about being able to hear things between villas… should I be worried about that, travelling with my partner? Could you hear the next villa?

    1. Hi Alana! You can only hear others when you are using the outdoor shower. That’s it. You cannot hear anyone when you are in the villas. But because the shower is outdoor, you might want to be careful 😉 lol

  4. That’s great thanks, I think I’m more concerned than my wife is. Lol…And the mud baths, I take it no concerns with the temperature or sulphur fumes?

  5. How long did you go for? And as far as zika (also I’m expecting) does it seem like Mexico where you don’t seem to even see a mosquito ever, is it the same way in St. Lucia? Did you still go in the trees and forest area, or were you a bit hesitant?

  6. Thank you for sharing! We go on our baby moon next month! This was soooo helpful! I have to go to Cacoa Sainte Lucie.

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