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If you are a new parent or expecting a baby, you’ll also love this post on Newborn Things I’m loving. I created it a month after Lems was born and only included items that I thought was very necessary and things we used the most when she was a newborn.

Now Lem’s is 6 months, and I thought I would do another round of up things we are currently using and loving. All these items on this list I truly believe in. Some of these are gifted, but 100% not sponsored.

Let’s get into it!


monti kids montessori toy kits:

TBH, I’m very hesitant on baby toys. I find that most toys are so over the top, way too stimulating, and homes are over-crowded with toys everywhere. I’m just not a huge fan of toys if we’re being honest. LOL. Butttt, some toys are educational, stimulate in the right way, and are minimal. Insert the Monti Kids Toy Kits that are designed for your baby’s age.

Each kit is designed by Montessori-certified educators and comes with high quality materials, a parent guide, and access to their online Learning Center. I like these baby toys! I feel like Lemon loves them and they promote independent play, which I love, of course.

You can subscribe to these kits and every three months you will get a new kit for your baby. We started when Lems was 5 months and got her the Level 2 Kit. This was so perfect for her. It included lots of tummy time toys, wooden books, rattles, and teethers. She took to these toys immediately, and I felt like the were educational.

Check them out if you also don’t like to bombard your kids with a billion noisy toys. LOL. I promise you won’t hate these toys.

wilder babe mealtime essentials:

Now that we’ve started Lemon on solids, we are OBSESSED with Wilder Babe cutlery, plates, and cups. They also do highchair placemats that are adorable and clean well. But their mealtime accessories are perfect for when you start solids.

All their items are made from 100% food-grade, BPA free and non-toxic silicone. They are also super easy to clean. I find that when I’m feeding Lemon, she actually loves to eat on her own and will grab the spoon right out of my hand. Their spoons are very safe for kids to use on their own, obviously with supervision. I also LOVE the neutral colour palettes. So pretty! I have pretty much every single spoon, plate and bowl on their site.

Check them out!

love to dream swaddles:

No swaddles even compare! We’ve been using these since birth, and let me tell you, I fully, 1000% recommend them. Lems has never ever had issues sleeping/napping, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of these swaddles. They have different stages of the swaddles. We used the Stage 1/Newborn ones when she was little. These keep you nice and snug with your arms in.

As she got older and grew some more, we transitioned to the Stage 2 swaddles, where arms can be in or out. We started her with arms in and when she started rolling to the side, we unzipped the wings for an arms out swaddle. I cannot recommend these more. She sleeps like a dream! Check them out here.

joures canada for toys & other things:

I came across this website and loved everything from here! They are Canadian, which is such a plus. We have a bunch of cute baby toys from them, but they have all sorts of things like home decor, feeding accessories, bibs, clothing for babies, etc.

What I love and found so helpful is sorting their toys by age on the website. That’s what we did when we got Lems a bunch of toys from there. They have really well made, educational toys which I absolutely love. I’m going to leave direct links to the toys we got below:

Crinkle Egg

Wooden play arch

Musical Teddy

Knitted Animals

Coco Chanel Book

Smoothie Bottles

uppababy RIDGE stroller:

Before we bought a stroller, I did SO much research on them. I actually created a full on Excel spreadsheet with pros and cons to each major stroller brand. LOL. I know, I’m psycho…

I had even asked you guys on Instagram to recommend your faves. It came down to the Uppababy brand, which 99% of you guys loved. And then when Uppababy wanted to partner with me on their newest stroller, the Ridge, I was super excited! I cannot recommend this stroller enough, you guys. It’s the friggen Rolls-Royce of strollers.

It’s the smoooothest ride ever so baby doesn’t feel bumps when strolling around, it’s super comfy, the bassinet is amazing, the brake system is great, the basket at the bottom is HUGE, and I can go on and on. I mean, I will let you do your own research. I’m just saying, trust me on this one! It’s so so so good. Check it out here.

You can also check out my review on the Ridge here.

bumbo floor seat:

Now that we’ve started on solids for Lems, this Bumbo floor seat + tray is a total must. We just plunk her in this, throw on a bib, and feed her. It’s been working so well. I also feel like it’s helping her sit up a bit more.

I know many of you want all the details of how we started her on solids when we did. We started at 4 months after our paediatrician said we were good to go. But I will break down every single detail for you in a separate blog post. What do you guys want to know? Share specific questions in the comments, and I will answer all of them.


You guys already know how much I love the Mina Baie Kinney backpack. It’s the best diaper bag out there, and let me tell you, MANY of you agree. When I posted this reel, so many of you grabbed the Kinney and told me how much you love it.

Well, my Mina Baie obsession continues with this Jude Midi Tote. Just a classic, chic tote that fits ALL my belongings. It’s made from cotton canvas, and has a leather trim. I love the vintage black colour and the overall look. I’ve been using this tote for errands with the baby as a second diaper bag. Ugh, I love it so much.

Okay that sums up the baby toys and things I have been currently loving and using. You know I won’t put crap on this list. Everything here is GENUINELY what I love. Which is why I keep the list short and sweet. There are a MILLION things that people will tell you that you need when you have a baby. And I’m here to tell you, that you do not need any of that.

I write these blog posts so that you can weed all the bullshit stuff out there. So, you’re welcome 🙂

Xx, kim

++ My very curated list on Newborn Essentials You Need.

+++ Oh and, a Healthy and Realistic Morning Routine for Moms. (this is a good one!!)


  1. Is there anything you bought for the baby that you don’t really use or find useful? Or you realized it wasn’t essential? A list of what not to really buy or not to get talked into buying?

    1. Hmm that’s a good question! When I was pregnant, I didn’t rush into buying anything, tbh. Lots of people were saying “buy this buy that” but I waited until after the baby to get stuff. Mamaroo is useless. Don’t get that! LOL. But I pretty much use everything I bought. 🙂 Hope that helps.

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