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I don’t know about you guys, but winter sucks for more reasons than it JUST being cold out. I mean the whole poofy jacket thing, is just not a chic look. You know? But, other than the fact that we all look like bundled up Eskimos, winter also sucks because it can really dry out your skin! I really just don’t like anything that messes with my skin. So basically I’m here to give you some really easy and great ways to take care of your skin through this dreadful season we call, winter. 
These are all things that I personally do, and of course, LOVE. Because I don’t put anything on The Chic Confidential that I don’t either use or love. 
Okay, here they are:

♡ Tip 1:Face masks are your bffs

I know I’ve talked about facial masks before, but I’m legit serious about them. These can save your skin and leave your skin feeling super healthy, smooth, and youthful looking. There are SO many amazing face masks out there. This can really reduce redness (if you have any), and leave your skin feeling frekin great! 
There are many masks that I’ve mentioned on the blog before. I love any of the Lush masks, Sephora’s overnight masks, and Alaska Glacial masks. All are amazing, and all are natural! Use an all natural one if you can. Those work best on my skin, however, you do whatever works best for yours. 
I do these about once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. And honestly, having a mask on your face is almost spa-like. You can literally just slap this on, add some cucumbers to the eyes, and take at least 10-15 mins away from your phone/computer etc. I know I’m totally guilty of being on my phone A LOT, so it’s actually refreshing and relaxing to take some time away from it. 
Also, make it a fun little evening with your girlfriends. You can make some amazing homemade masks too! Invite your girlfriends over, make some all-natural facial masks, pour some tea (or wine), and give each other mani/pedis. I can’t think of a better Saturday night in. Amirite??


♡ Tip 2:Exfoliate


But NOT everyday. I do this about twice a week to really get out the dead skin cells. I use a very smooth and moisturizing cleanser with no beads (in the winter, especially). But I also have another one with cleansing beads that I’ll use about twice a week. It’s a good way to bring life to your complexion and take care of any minor acne if any. It doesn’t matter whether you do this at night or in the morning.

♡ Tip 3:Sunscreen. Even with no sun.


Another major tip! I cannot stress enough how important sunscreen is for your face. Guys, as much as I LOVE the sun, it can age you like a mofo! And we’re all aware of my fear of aging…
Use this everyday! Even when it’s not sunny. Because the sun is STILL there, even if you don’t really see it. Sunscreen protects your skin from the damages that the sun does, and can literally save you from aging, and not to mention skin cancer…
A lot of moisturizers these day have the option of sunscreen in them. I always get those! They usually have SPF 15. However, if you know you’ll be outside for sometime in the sun, get a small bottle of SPF 30, and put that on under your make up. 
Plus, it also gives your skin a dewy look, which I’m SO into right now!

♡ Tip 4:Get regular facials


I know facials can be super expensive, however, we are talking about the health of our skin! So, let’s not put a price on that. If you can, go once a month and get a facial done. If you can’t, then once every 2-3 months will do as well. Again, this isn’t for everyone because everyone’s skin differs. Talk to a licensed esthetician, and figure out what is best for your skin. 
You also don’t need to spend $200+ bucks on a facial. Find a reasonably priced spa and use coupons! Those will be your best friends!! Also, a lot of places have referral deals, so make use if those too. 


♡ Tip 5:Change it up


Another thing to keep in mind is changing up your skincare routine from time to time. Just as you would change up your wardrobe from season to season, don’t forget to do the same with your skincare. You may LOVE a certain product, however, don’t let your skin get too dependent on one product or brand. Change it up every once in a while, and introduce new products to your skin. I never stick to one brand. I’m always switching things up and feeling out what my skin loves/doesn’t love. 
There you have it, guys! 5 amazing tips that everyone can benefit from over the winter season. Do you have any great skincare tips?? Please share below as I love hearing from you guys. 
I also Snap-chatted (snapped?)…lol, some of the hair products I use to keep my curls in tact. Snap me what you guys want to see! UN: kim-marquis. 
Andddd, have a fantastic, productive week. 
+Also, 10k followers on Instagram this week!! I kinda can’t believe that! You guys ROCK MY WORLD. 
Xx, kim.




  1. January 20, 2016 / 1:54 am

    Great tips!! Been loving glam glo masks. I want to try and over night mask!! 🙂

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