That photo. No Filter. No adjustments. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but good products for glowy skin.

And no, this isn’t what they call “pregnancy glow” either. I really don’t think that’s a real thing. I think people just say that so that mom’s feel better?…LOL.

Anyway, I want to share with you guys 4 game-changing products that’s giving me ALLL the glow in the world these days. You guys know I’m obsessed with the glowy, dewy look. No one likes flaky, dry, nasty skin. And if you live in Canada, you know that winters here can destroy your beautiful skin if you don’t take care of it.

During the winters, I UP my skincare game. Lots and lots of hydration through serums, sunscreen, moisturizers, face masks, and even facials to keep me glowing all winter. Obviously eating well and drinking a ton of water is huge when it comes to skincare.

I’ve been doing a lot of make-up looks on Instagram with you guys lately, and the BIG question is, howww I’m getting this glow? I repeat, it’s not the pregnancy. It’s 4 major products have that been such staples in my make-up routine lately. I cannot live without these. I feel like my skin just looks….healthy, you know?

So, naturally, when something is working for me, I can’t help but share.

Let’s dive into these products, shall we? Oh also, you should know this post is not sponsored in anyway. Sure, these products were sent to me at some point, but no one is paying me to write this post. I genuinely LOVE each of these products and think you guys will love them too.

4 products for glowy skin:

products for glowy skin - radford beauty glow

Radford Beauty – Glow Primer:

I’ve talked about Radford Beauty on the blog and Instagram 9485734872 times so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I’m including this MAJOR product on the list. I mean, it’s called GLOW for a reason. If you guys haven’t tried GLOW, run and grab this now because it will change your life.

I cannot live without this stuff. It’s basically a creamy substance with light reflecting particles. You can wear this on it’s own (almost like a moisturizer) for no make-up days and just get that sun-kissed look going. ORRR you can mix this with your foundation, BB or CC cream and get the most beautiful glowing look from the inside out.

Honestly, such a great product! I haven’t seen anything like this on the market. There is only one shade which is universal to everyone’s skin tones. You should also know that it’s vegan, cruelty free, no toxins, and overall good ingredients.


products for glowy skin - FANCY FACE BB CREAM

Fancy Face – BB Cream:

For someone who has tried and tested A LOT of foundations, BB creams, and CC creams on the market, I have to say, I’m blown away by this products. I had to include it on the list of products for glowy skin!

Fancy Face is a brand that I’ve come across in the last two years, and I’ve absolutely loved every single product I’ve used so far. They have some AMAZING blushes, eyeshadows, and even skincare that are just SO good!

But this BB Cream is something I’ve started using recently and I have been loving it for that glowy, hydrated, look. It’s got good coverage, but not full coverage. It’s definitely something you can wear daily which covers up most blemishes, but you still get that very natural look to you skin. Kind of like no-make, make up. You know? Which BTW, I’m very into. I rarely need something that is full coverage. Anyway, try this out, and thank me later.

I wear the colour Light-Medium for reference.


products for glowy skin - fancy face bougie

Fancy Face – Boujie Highlighter:

Speaking of Fancy Face, let’s just dive right into this INSANE highlighter!! My Goshhhh, I’ve never used a highlighter that glowed this much, with just half a tap of your brush into it.

If you love a glow, trust me on this one. Fancy Face knows how to make a good highlighter. They have another cream-based one called Dew-U, which is also amazing. However, ever since trying this one, I’ve completely switched over. This gives you sharp, sexy cheekbones. I love using a little on my nose and inner corners of my eyes, to make the white of my eyes really pop.

If you’re looking for products for glowy skin, add this to cart now. (Along with the BB cream above).


products for glowy skin - hourglass At Night blush

Hourglass – At Night Blush:

Okay, this blog post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include a blush. I LOVE blush and this one has allll the glow. Hourglass has a lot of amazing products, but I feel like their blushes have always been the star of the show.

These blushes have strobes of highlighter in here which is kind of like a two in one deal. The highlighter doesn’t overpower in any way. It’s nice a subtle and the blush just shines through. There are many different shades of course, but I love At Night. It’s SO sexy and bold. You can’t tell by the photo here, but it’s a darker, wine colour. And again, not overpowering. I love it for a night-time look.

Most blushes can be a bit flat. This one has dimension. Which is what makes it a product for glowy skin.


Guys, I feel like I can talk about glowy products all day long. Should I do an updated skincare routine? My skincare involves A LOT of products that are meant to make your skin glow. But skincare changes almost every season for me. And I’m always trying out new things. However, there are some staples. Should I share? Let me know in the comments.

But for now, let me know what glowy products you guys are using lately. Maybe I need to add to this list?

Xx, kim

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