Here’s the thing – I’m huge on mornings. As in, I’m a big believer on mornings being something that could dictate your entire day. Basically, don’t fuck up your mornings.

Mornings can really set the tone for the rest of the day. Have you ever had a stressful morning and then realized your entire day has been a bunch of stressful encounters? I feel like we’ve all had that at some point. Which is why, I like to take my mornings VERY seriously.

Mornings are kinda like walking on eggshells. LOL. Be GENTLE with it.

So, I wanted to share 3 things I do every morning to set the tone for the rest of my day:


The first thing I do once my alarm rings, is NOT check my phone. Trust me on this one. If you’re an Instagram scroller or an email checker first thing in the morning, STOP. This is one of the most unproductive things you could ever do. I like to wake up, and open up my blinds right away.

As explained by Sleep Foundation, when it’s dark outside, our eyes naturally signal to our brains that it’s time to feel tired. Our body then releases melatonin, which is the chemical that makes our body tired and puts us to sleep. Likewise, when it’s light outside, our circadian rhythm tells us we should be awake.

Morning light sets off a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters which make you feel good.

It makes complete sense then, that the closer we align to the natural light of day, the healthier we will feel.

Let that sunlight in. It’s weird, but I just cannot get moving if it’s dark. It’s a natural waker-upper. You know? I like to feel the sun on my face and skin. If I could, I would take morning walks all the time. However, I’m just not there yet. I still love my sleep, and do it for as long as humanly possible.


I love a good mist. But you already know that, of course. Now that my body is awake from the sunlight, I now need my skin to wake up. SO particular about my skincare! Just like I have a nighttime skincare routine, I also have a morning routine. I won’t go into details about the whole routine right now, but I will tell you, after I wash my face, I immediately mist. I have a bunch of good mists that I love! I will do a whole post about that another time. See below for my favourite mists.

There’s something about the act of misting and the actual mist on your face, that just wakes you the fuck up. I really don’t know how to explain it. You will just know when you do it. Get yourself a good mist, and start doing this every morning. You’ll thank me later.




You know those people in the elevator first thing in the morning, who just talk and talk? Like about anything. The weather, their dog, their kids, the traffic this morning… Sometimes I’d just like to punch them in the face. I’m just being real here. Mainly because I’m jealous that they can chat and chat about literally anything before 9am. Like, have they even had a coffee yet?!

Coffee is another huge ritual for me. As I’m sure it is for most people. I LOVE a good cup of coffee in the morning, at my desk, with no one talking to me. It’s like me time. Get at me in like 30 minutes, and I’ll be as happy as a clam! But don’t bother me before I’ve had my coffee.

Who else can relate to this post? Do you guys have morning routines? Rituals? SHARE BELOW.

Xx, kim

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  1. robin
    September 24, 2019 / 1:15 pm

    Omg LOL, I totally love this post! Haha, something about having “actual mist on your face, that just wakes you the fuck up.” I literally need to try this out! I’m not a morning a person, I totally wish I had better morning habits! I hate waking up early, but once I’m up im fine! I also enjoy my coffee at work peacefully. Lol. enjoyed reading your post and thanks for sharing these tips!

    • September 25, 2019 / 9:07 am

      Girl, I feel you! I wish I had better morning habits too. But slowly I will work on that!
      Thanks for reading and commenting! xx

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