This post is for the BOSS BABE who’s efficient AF and…always running late. Guys, let me tell you, there’s NOTHING worse than showing up to a meeting with a client, or a dinner with friends with grey hairs or major, MAJOR roots. Like, we all have bad hair days, but I’m just not about those greys, you know?

In my 20s, I never had to worry about a single grey hair…

IN MY 30s….whole different ball game! HELLO Nancy, Esther, and Beatrice. Those are a few names for my grey hairs. There’s a lot more than 3 though…

Those b*tches keep showing up, and there’s nothing I can do about them.


Like, let me introduce you guys to the most efficient beauty product that is saving my life right now.

L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover-Up and Magic Root Precision.

After reading this blog post, you’re never going to want leave the house without these two in your bag. Let me tell you, they never leave mine.

Okay, let’s get specific, shall we?

It’s inevitable, we all have greys, and for those that don’t, we can see your roots. You know, after 8 weeks of not seeing your colourist? We don’t always have the time (and money) to be booking every 6-8 weeks. Again – it’s just not efficient. I can be doing other things with my time.

And more than anything, I like my life to be very, VERY efficient. I love a day-to-nighttime make-up look, so that I don’t spend my time reapplying make-up in the evening. EFFICIENT. I love listening to podcasts while I drive. It’s educational and I’m fueling my brain while I drive. EFFICIENT.  And I love a product that will save me time and money, is quick to put on, and WORKS like a dream.

Efficiency is KEY. If you can’t already tell.

So, when I came across L’Oreal Paris’ new Magic Root Cover-Up and Precision Pen, I was like “YASSSSSSSS!”

Basically, the Cover-Up is a little spray bottle that will cover up any major greys that are showing right on the top of your head. It gives you broader coverage. And the Precision pen is for those tiny greys on the sides of your head that you can cover up in seconds. Basically like a sharpie for your greys, but better. LOL. Both these cover 100% of greys, and washes off with shampoo.

So, no matter where you are, or who you’re seeing, if you’ve got these two on you, you’re golden! I’m that girl that’s applying this in the car, or like, at our favourite restaurant while we eat and sip on cosmos. Andrew LOVES when I do this shit. I’ll never get tired of applying my natural deodorant in public wherever we go. I’m the most embarrassing girlfriend.

But, is this not the best thing you’ve heard all day today?!

This is where you RUN to Shoppers and stock up because I’m telling you, this is a product you’ll want!

You guys know, when I dedicate an entire blog post to ONE product, I mean business. Like, there’s no playing around here. We ALL need this. Like, this is such a ride or die product.

Okay – have you guys used this before? Tell me in the comments!

Xx, kim

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This post is sponsored by L’Oreal Paris. As always, all opinions are my own!

Photography by Andrew B.


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