Instagram Live: 4 Beauty Products I’m Loving.

So over the weekend, Daniel Pillai (@daniel.pillai) and I got together again for our SECOND Instagram-Live, and yet again, what a success! (Here’s the first one).

We honestly love doing this. We go on and on chatting about beauty anyway, so why not share our favourite products with you guys, right?

Plus, Instagram-Live is such a cool platform to connect with you guys on a personal level. It’s kind of like we’re hanging out? Like we can chat in real time, which is SO cool!

So, we chatted about a few more of our favourite, to-die-for beauty products in this last session. You guys really seemed to dig it last time, so we thought we’d share some more.

Disclaimer: NONE of this is sponsored, btw. Neither of us would ever share a product on our blogs if we didn’t truly LOVE it.

Let’s get right into the ones I’m currently loving.

Oh, the funny thing about this Insta-live was that it was accidentally themed. We both brought our products to the table, and realized that most of them were either oils we loved or had natural ingredients in them.

Guys! This product is amazing. You already know how much I love and LIVE BY oils every day of my life. When I came across this dry body oil, I was instantly intrigued. It comes in a cute little spray bottle too. MoroccanOil makes some KILLER products. We all know that. And everything smells amazing. The product is infused with antioxidants, argan oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. It absorbs into the skin smoothly, while drying instantly. I love that you’re not left with super oily hands after. It’s also paraben-free which is great! I like to put this on as soon as I get out of the shower when my skin is still damp.

Again, continuing with the whole oil theme, Rosehip is one I just added to my long list of oil collection. LOL. This one is great to use on your face as a moisturizer. I would say it’s thicker than avocado oil and thinner than coconut oil. It’s AMAZING for anti-aging. Like, so so good. When it comes to anti-aging, I’m all about prevention. If I take care of my skin now, I won’t need botox…LOL. Make sense? Make sure when you buy any oils, it’s cold-pressed and organic. I use this at nighttime before going to bed.

Anyone with curly hair can seriously relate when I say that styling curly hair can be a real pain in the ass. I have super, SUPER curly hair, and unless I’m strutting down a runway at a hair event, I need to tame that mane. The only way to do that is with good products. I just did a post on a new shampoo/conditioner by LaCoupe that is working SO WELL with my curly hair. And with this frizz control cream, my hair is feeling so healthy and silky. The product has a blend of Moringa oil, Babassu oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin B%, and Biotin. With all these natural ingredients, there no wonder I’m obsessed with it!

Okay, so yes, I don’t wash my hair. Old news to some of you. But for those that don’t know this, I only wash my hair once a week. (Sometimes I’ll even go 8 days). Hear me out before you judge. It’s not good to be washing your hair all the time. It dries up your scalp, which in turn makes those flakes in your scalp, which is not a good look for anyone. You want an oily scalp. Not super oily, but healthy, natural oils. When you wash your hair every day or every other day, you’ll notice that your hair gets oily quicker. I can go 4-5 days without my hair even looking oily. I use the body powder in my scalp on the 6th and 7th day to absorb some of the oils. And no, you don’t see the power in my head. It ALL gets absorbed right up. This is a natural brand that I’ve recently started using and it’s been working great! For anyone that wants to start training their hair to last a bit longer without washing it so often, I highly recommend getting a bottle of this body powder.

There you have it guys. Four of my FAVOURITE beauty products that I’m loving right now.

Okay so, who joined us on Insta-live? Was it fun? Tell me what else you guys want to see? We’re doing this once a month, and we’d love to get your input. So, let me know! 

Also, for a round up of Daniel’s favourites, check out his blog post.

Okay, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my evening with a book and some peppermint tea.

Hope you guys CRUSHED your Monday!

Xx, kim

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Photography by Victoria Jmourko




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