Instagram Live: Swear By Beauty Products.

Oh. My. Gosh.

How much fun was Instagram Live, though??
I really felt like I connected with a few of you on there. I feel like it’s actually the best way to get to know some of you, because we’re literally chatting in real time. Fun right? 
Firstly, THANK YOU to all of you that tuned in. For those of you that missed it, no worries, all the product details here going to be recapped in this post. 
If you don’t already know (and love) Daniel Pillai, you probably do after the InstaLive we did together. He’s one of my besties that I’ve know for a few years now. We LOVE chatting about everything beauty, and we decided since we’re always sharing our beauty hacks, tips, products, etc., that we may as well share it with everyone! 
It was a super random idea, and I’m SO glad we went ahead and did it, because we really had a blast on there with you guys. 
In fact, since it was such a success, we’re thinking of doing this once a month and talking about different topics. 
What do you think? Let us know what you want to see, because we want to incorporate different things.

Okay, well let’s get right into my favourite products:

I’m HIGHLY obsessed with oils. All kinds, actually. Coconut, Jojoba, Rosehip, and Avocado. They all have so many great benefits. I find that coconut oil can be a little thick on your face, however I love it for the rest of my body. Avocado oil, on the other hand is perfect for the face. It can legit be your moisturizer. I also use it as a make-up remover. Stop using harsh chemical make-up wipes or removers. Avocado oil takes off eyeliner and mascara in just a couple swipes. FYI, once you start using oils, you’ll be obsessed, just like I am.

These are for anyone with puffy under-eyes or dark circles. HOLLA! Dark circles will be the death of me. However, these eye masks are really doing it. Also, they are the cheapest eye masks you’ll ever own. I buy them off Amazon, and stock up my fridge with them. They are great when cold. Gives you that extra cooling sensation…which is great for puffiness. It says to keep these on for about 10-15 mins, but I keep them on for as long as humanly possible. Like, I want ALL the benefits to just soak right in. So I’ve got them on for about an hour. SO. GOOD.

I won’t go into too much detail here, because I just talked about this amazing product on my latest blog post. I can’t tell you what great coverage I get from using this CC Cream. It goes on smoothly, and isn’t too heavy. I don’t like when foundation feels like a prosthetic mask…
More OILS! These are expensive little buggers, but totally worth it. I use this morning and night, right before bed. This gives my skin an actual glow! As I mentioned on Instagram Live, I LIVE for dewy, glowy skin and these capsules really do it for me. They are meant to go under your actual moisturizer for extra hydration. For anyone struggling with dry skin, try these.
Keeping with the whole hydration theme, these masks are amazing. I’m such a sucker for a good facial mask. I will try anything! I switch up my masks all the time, but I found that these ones are great for locking in moisture. Daniel and I both really love these makes, so DO give them a try. 
If you joined us on Insta Live, then you know we’re doing a giveaway of SIX boxes of these masks. To enter, all you need to do is:
1. Follow the both of us on Insta @thechicconfidential @daniel.pillai.
2. Comment on our latest Instagram photo with what you want to see next on InstaLive.
3. We’ll choose a winner at random this Friday and we’ll contact you!  
Stay tuned, we’ll be doing lots of Instagram Live videos and sharing more of our beauty routines, products with you guys.

To check out Daniel’s favourite beauty products from the Instagram Live segment, visit:

Anyway, how was everyone’s weekend? I was being pampered yesterday at CedarHouse Spa. Blog post to come soon! Can’t wait to share the experience.
Okay, I’m off to sip on some honey lemon tea. 
Chat soon–
Xx, kim


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