Natural Make-Up Look With Vichy’s Ideal Teint Line.

So the last post on the blog was about dressing up. ..

…And how it can be a chore. So, when shopping for outfits, it’s best to pick out classic pieces that are easy. No effort needed, right?

Well, I feel the same about make-up. It should take no longer than 15 minutes and it needs to look good. I don’t have hours to contour, put on fake lashes, and all that jazz. I need it to be simple, natural, and quick.


I’m also ALWAYS switching up my make-up brands. I mean, there are some key brands I’ll stick to for some products, but it’s good to keep switching up your brands. I do the same when it comes to hair products, skincare, etc. You don’t want your skin to get too used to something, because if you ever switch it up one day, you’ll break out all over your face. And NO ONE wants that.

So, switch up your brands every so often. I’m always trying new brands/products for you guys, so that when I find something I love, I immediately run to the blog to share it here. If something is working for me, you’re going to hear about it.

Like this new line, Idéal Teint by Vichy. Vichy sent me a few products from this line, and I’ve been using it for quite some time now. The thing I love about this line, is how light and natural it is. The make-up itself is VERY light. What I mean by light, is that it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on your skin. The one thing I HATE about make-up is when you can see a layer of it on your face.


No one wants to walk around looking like they’ve got 11 pounds of make-up on. It should look natural. In fact, as natural as ever. That’s my style, anyway. I mean, I still do a bold brow, some eyeliner, light eye shadow if needed, but for the most part, I like my make-up natural and light. AND DEWY.


I don’t wear foundation everyday because I feel I don’t need to. A tinted moisturizer is all I need with a bit of loose powder to even out my skin tone. I do use foundation when I’m shooting for the blog. The Idéal Teint Vichy liquid foundation is great for instant coverage. The best part about this line is the natural ingredients. You guys already know how anal I can be about ingredients. I LOVE a product with natural ingredients! See what’s in the foundation:

– Vitamin E unifies, resulting in a more radiant complexion day after day.
– Vitamin C regenerates the skin.
– Mineral pigments offer natural coverage.
– Liquid Light Technology provides an immediate healthy glow.
– Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water strengthens and primes skin.


Powder is something I wear daily. I find that my skin has some uneven tones to it. Just to keep things balanced, I like to use a powder on my face. Again, nothing too heavy. Light and natural. The Vichy power is actually one of my favourites right now. It can be a bit on the matte side, and like I said, I like my skin dewy. However, Under this I usually apply a natural oil to my skin. Coconut oil has been a go-to. Then I add a sunscreen, and a tinted moisturizer. I ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN.


Highlighting can be FUN! It’s definitely not something I wear everyday. It’s mainly a nighttime look. Unless you’re going for a drag-queen look, you never need to highlight during the day. It’s TOO MUCH. However, a nighttime, sexy, sassy look will always require a little highlight. If done well, it can really open up your face, and give you that gorgeous J-Lo look we ALL want. One of the reasons I LOVE this roll-on highlighter is because of its dewiness. It’s not very heavy, and the colour is beautiful. It’s also quite pigmented, so you don’t need too much. A roll-on highlighter is still pretty new to me, so I’m still learning how to put it on. If you’ve got any tips, send them my way!


Okay, so how HARD is it to find a good concealer?! Honestly, it’s the bane of my bloody existence. LOL. Concealers are probably the most difficult to match, in my opinion. You need the right shade for dark circles. Something that doesn’t crease and one that lasts all day. Again, I don’t use concealer unless I have to. So, I’m not a regular. But I’ve tried A LOT of concealers, and none of them look natural. This one is a roll-on, and I feel like I’m getting closer to finding a winner. It’s quite liquidy, so if you’re used to a stick concealer, this is a bit of a change. I’m going to keep trying this one out, because I think there’s something about it that I like.


Without a doubt, I LOVED this bronzer the second I put it on my skin. And yes, brown-skinned girls also wear bronzer. LOL. It’s got that perfect natural, sun-kissed glow. I can’t say enough about how nice it is. I use this one everyday and I love it. Sometimes I skip the powder, and just use this.

Okay, so who else doesn’t fuss too much about their make-up?

Don’t get me wrong, when I’m getting dressed up and going full out, I’ll definitely spend more than 15 minutes on my make-up. Maybe 30? Ha.

On that note, I’m off to take off my make-up, slap a mask on my face, and call it a night with some peppermint tea and Grey’s Anatomy. (I’m on a serious binge!)

Chat soon.

Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with Vichy. As always, all opinions are my own.



  1. February 21, 2017 / 8:37 pm

    I love Vichy products

  2. February 22, 2017 / 2:28 am

    Diana B, so do i! They always swatch so well, and overall have great coverage! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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