March Favourites.

I know it’s not March yet, but the warm weather over the last few days has got me VERY excited for Spring!
Blooming florals, pastel-coloured palettes, ice caps, and glowy-tanned skin? YES PLZ.
If you know me, you know that winter is HIGHLY annoying for me. There’s absolutely nothing I enjoy about it. I mean, maybe now that I’ve been introduced to ice fishing, I could possibly like it a little? LOL.
So, when we come across a weekend (in February) of double digit temperatures, can you blame me for getting wayyy excited? Probably not.
Don’t worry, I was not rocking a pair of shorts this weekend. Although, I’m sure tons of Canadians were.
With all the Spring excitement, I thought I’d put together my favourite items that I’m currently loving for Spring, and some that are on my wish list:
YES. My ongoing love for sunnies continue. Can I ever have enough? The answer is, no. These slightly tinted, pink sunnies are the perfect Spring accessory. I don’t leave the house with at least 3 pairs of sunnies in my bag. I mean, you never know when you’re going to want to switch them up. Right? (Okay, I’m a tad psycho when it comes to sunnies.)
Okay, this is definitely on the wish list! I LOVE a good, nudy-matte lip colour. This one looks almost J-Lo-esque. The girl does no wrong when it comes to nude lip colours. I’m not a huge fan of pink lip colours, but this one looks light enough with a very small hint of pink in it.
This dress though!! Whatever occasion you may need a dress for, I guarantee you this will be THE ONE. Wedding showers, baby showers, a hot date, even a casual night out with your girlfriends. This is such a versatile dress. It can be totally sexy if you want it to be, or full-on conservative. You choose 😉
And how is this NOT the most ideal bag for Spring? I just got this leather beauty in from Hieleven, and I want to start using it NOW. They have it in a few different colours, but of course I chose the white because Spring is right around the corner. It’s also the perfect size, with the three obvious pockets that every bag should have. I love that it’s not too big, because then you end up with serious junk in the bag. But big enough to hold all the important things.
ALWAYS MARBLE. The love for white marble is deep. Real deep. So, when Saje sent me their limited addition aromabreeze diffuser in the marble print, I died just a little. Isn’t it the most beautiful diffuser you’ve ever seen? It’s only in stores for another week, so if you’re like me, and had to have it, RUN, don’t walk.
When you think velvet sandals, you don’t normally think these gorgggeous ones above. In my mind if someone told me they owned a pair of velvet sandals, I’d think cheap 80s, blue, hooker-ish shoes. LOL. Anyone else? But when I came across these, I instantly fell in love. They are definitely not hooker-ish in anyway, promise. And when worn right, people won’t stop staring. (In a good way, of course.)
I’ve talked about this before in a recent blog post already, but I want to mention again how great these products are. Especially the bronzer and foundation. I love a foundation that looks natural. No cakiness for me, please! It needs to go on light and I NEED my pores to still be breathing. That’s very important to me when finding a foundation. I’m loving the foundation that Vichy came out with in this line. Looks and feels super natural.
Okay, that’s it for now.
Can you guys believe February is almost over?! Where does the time go?
I’m very excited, because I ordered a new book, on some of your guys’ recommendations, called ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*uck.’ SO looking forward to getting started with that one!
Who’s read it? Share your thoughts.
Chat soon–
Xx, kim

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