Ditch The Pink For Valentine’s Day.

Nobody hates a cliché moment, more than I do…

Really, though. 
Pink on Valentine’s Day? Yawnnnnn.
Let’s not be boring. I like to spice things up. Go the opposite route.
We’ll start off by saying, Valentine’s Day is really not my thing to begin with. Roses? Chocolate? Teddy Bears that say ‘I love you…’
NO. Just no.

I’d MUCH prefer chocolates, champagne, etc. on another night. Like, any other night. LOL. Just not February 14th.

Mind you, there was a time, a VERY long time ago, think high school, where Valentine’s Day was ALL the rage. Teddy’s, roses, candlelit dinners, giant cards, pink outfits, the whole nine yards. Hallmark was making a shit ton of money.

I mean, I think they still are.

But as I get older, I’m noticing that a lot of my friends aren’t getting suckered into this “holiday.” I like that we’ve realized that love shouldn’t be celebrated on just ONE day. It should be embraced daily, spontaneously, and whenever you feel like it.

That being said, many people do still celebrate Valentine’s Day. And that’s great. You do you. Just don’t be boring about it.

If you’re going to do Valentine’s Day, change it up. Introduce some cute, sassy, and chic outfits to the evening. Let’s leave behind the pink sweaters, and red dresses. Instead, do a bold red lip. You feeling my vibe?

Here’s what I’m loving for a non-traditional V-Day.

Okay, I know I just mentioned leaving behind the boring red dresses, however, in NO WAY is this floral shift dress, boring. In fact, it’s a real statement piece. The large floral print is super eye catching, and there’s something so sexy about the high neck. Obviously, with our winter you don’t want to be wearing this dress in the frigid cold, but pairing this with a pair of grey tights and tall boots, will do the trick.

If you’re doing a more casual night, this shoulder-frill sweater is your sassier take on the average black sweater. Again, we’re ditching all things boring, and going for FUN. I love this sweater for many reasons. It’s Black. The frill-sleeves are SO much fun. And, nothing about this says ‘Valentine’s Day’. HA.
It’s ALWAYS a yes to sweater dresses. I mean, we live in one of the coldest countries. I live for sweater dresses. We don’t get to wear dresses all year round, so when I find a cute, knitted, sweater dress, I’m ALL OVER IT. The lace-up front has a sexy feel to it. I would rock this at home with no pants. YES. That’s my kind of V-Day.
I love an all-black moment. There’s no doubt about that. Especially when it’s THIS HOT. That belt is everything and those flared sleeves really make the entire dress. I mean, if I was doing a dinner on Valentine’s Day, THIS would be the outfit I rock. It’s chic as hell. No?
Okay, who here celebrates Valentine’s Day? 
Do tell. What are the plans? Or is it more of a surprise thing?
I’m curious to know who still celebrates the “holiday.” I mean, I’m sure my Facebook newsfeed will be filled with pink shit the day after v-day. 
+ This was last year’s Valentine’s Day look

This post was in collaboration with Wild Blue Denim. As always, all opinions are my own.

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.



  1. liz
    February 7, 2017 / 12:06 am

    white roses and wine………??????

  2. April 22, 2017 / 6:58 am

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