Casual Vibez In This Cognac Jacket.

Let’s be clear.
Getting dressed up can be quite the chore. I mean, there really is A LOT to it. 
The hair. The make up. The outfit. The shoes. Accessorizing. And let’s not leave out the waxing/shaving, perfume, blah blah blah. 
It’s a lot. No?
Don’t get me wrong. I love it. 
But as women, we have SO many more steps to getting ready than men do. It’s actually unfair.
So, whenever I don’t have to dress up, I take every opportunity to go the casual route. This doesn’t mean I end up looking like a slob. It’s still put together. Just not that much effort, you know? 
Which is why I love staple pieces. We ALL need them in our wardrobes for quick and easy outfits.
You know, the black blazer. The classic white button-up blouse. A faux fur vest. Black pumps.
Well, lately it’s been this cognac jacket. I meannnn, howww CHIC, right??
It’s something you can literally throw over anything, and you’re instantly ‘put together.’ 
This has totally been my weekend outfit lately. I mean, I switch it up here and there, but I’m loving how easy it is to style this jacket. It’s very light, so obviously it’s not a jacket jacket. Like, you need a winter coat, but when I’m running errands on the weekends, there’s nothing I hate more than lugging around my heavy winter coat. I like to just toss it in the car, wrap a blanket scarf around me, and run around, getting shit done in something lighter. 
Plus, when you’re indoors wearing a thick jacket, you end up getting hot and sweaty. And NO ONE like that. 
This suede-ish jacket is the perfect, light coat for all your errand running. And since Spring is just around the corner (hopefully, fingers crossed,) I’m looking forward to ditching all things Winter, and swapping out my wardrobe for Spring things.

Let’s also talk about hair. And how I’m totally over washing it. LOL.
No really. I don’t wash my hair more than once a week. I actually like going slightly over one week, if I can. 
And to be very honest, my hair in this post is 8 days old. NO JOKE.
Hair actually styles WAYYY better when it’s dirty. Try it. I think I’ve successfully convinced almost all of my coworkers to stop washing their hair everyday/every other day. It’s NOT good for your hair. I think I’ll do a full post on how you shouldn’t be washing your hair more than once a week. 
It’s actually very damaging to your hair to wash it often. And if you’re worried about it smelling bad, fear not. There are MANY options. Dry shampoo, baby powder are a few of my favourite options. 
Guys, trust me on this one. Don’t wash your hair unless you have to. 
Here’s some products I live by when it comes to my hair.
Okay, so tell me about you guys! Do you love/hate dressing up? Do you find it to also be kind of a chore? Pain in the ass? LOL. Do tell! 
What are you go-to staple pieces that you absolutely cannot live without?
On that note, I need to do a full Winter wardrobe cleaning asap. Any suggestions are welcome. I hate hoarding.
Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with As always, all opinions are my own.

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.


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