Life Lately: Ice Fishing.

( N A T H A N   P H I L L I P S   S Q U A R E )
Hi. Hi. Hi. 
It’s been a HOT minute. Really. 
Major apologies for the lack of blogging the last few days. However, if you were following on Snap or Insta, then you already know why it’s been so hectic. 
I’ve had my family visiting from New Zealand, and it’s been amazing. The last time we all got together was last year in Australia for a wedding. (Check out the blog post of my week in Sydney. All the do’s and don’ts.)
Anyway, it always gets me when people actually WANT to visit Canada in the winter…
Like, I just don’t get it, you know?
EVERYTHING is just better in the summer. Even Fall. But, when your family decides they want to visit Canada in the winter-time because snow really excites them, well then, you make the best of winter. 
( I C E   F I S H I N G   A T T I R E )
So yes, we did the typical touristy things. CN Tower, skating at Nathan Phillips Square (which I haven’t done in years!) walked all over Toronto, Distillery District, Dundas Square, Niagara Falls, andddd….wait for it….
Most people (who know me well) looked at me with a VERY confused face when I said ‘I’m going ice fishing…)
I mean, if you know me, winter activities aren’t really my thing. I’ve never skied, snowboarded, snowshoed, etc. I’m more of an indoor, turn-on-the-fireplace and sip on wine kinda gal. I basically avoid winter as much as I can. 
But again, when your family wants to go ice fishing, you suck it up and go. 
So, of course I packed four bags. One for food, another for wine/coolers, a couple different shoe options, and then another one for some outfit changes. I kept hearing many different views on ice fishing. Some were saying it’s super cold, others were telling me it’s an oven in the actual hut. 
So naturally, I packed everything. LOL. What? I need options. 
Side note: Incase you’re wondering, we were going for the day, NOT an overnight thing. 
Anyway, to make a long story short, I didn’t end up catching any fish, but that wasn’t the point of ice fishing for me. I went to hang out with my cousins, enjoy their company, and watch them make snow angels in the snow. Really, that was the highlight. 
And surprisingly, I REALLY enjoyed the whole ice fishing experience. It was all sorts of awesome. The hut was very warm, so I ditched the snow pants immediately. Half way through, I changed into my faux fur jacket, and made one of my cousins do an impromptu photo-shoot for me. He hates me for life now. I very much embarrassed him when the surrounding ice-fishers were wondering wtf we were doing. LOL. Oh well.
Overall, I loved it. It’s all in the company you’re in. I totally recommend this for anyone who’s afraid of winter activities. This one’s not so bad. It’s actually quite fun. 
( D I S T I L L E R Y   D I S T R I C T )
( S O S K E N   S T U D I O S   C O A T )
In other news, MANY of you have been asking about this scarf that I posted recently on Instagram. I got a ton of comments, and messages asking where I got it from. It was actually a Christmas gift from my sister. So, I asked her about this, and it’s actually a scarf from a new and local boutique out of Milton. Again, I love supporting small, local businesses. Check them out. I believe the scarf that I have is currently sold out, however I’ve requested they get some more in 🙂
It’s the warmest scarf I currently own, and I’m loving it. It was IDEAL for ice fishing too. And so chic. 
Also, the other day I was clearing out my scarves bin, and I realized there were so many scarves I didn’t wear anymore. I was basically making room for some new scarves. I had a thought, and I wanted to share it with you guys. If you’re clearing out your winter bins of old scarves, mittens, etc. don’t throw them out or donate them. Keep them in your car or a couple in your bag, and when you see a homeless person without a scarf or gloves, give them one of yours. I’ve kept a stack of them in my car. They will HIGHLY appreciate it considering how cold it can get. 
Small acts of kindness can go a long way. This is the absolute smallest gesture, however, it can make a big difference to someone else. 
( I C E   R O L L E R )
Another thing that’s been blowing up since my last post, is the ice roller. I can’t stress how much I’m loving it. It’s actually been one of my favourite beauty products lately. In my opinion, less is more. That’s going to be something I do more of this year. As you get older, you tend to lean on many, many anti-aging cleansers, moisturizers, etc. However, simple is best. I’m learning that natural oils are the way to go. Minimal shit on your face will actually keep you looking younger. That and SUNSCREEN. Never go without sunscreen. Yes, even in the winter on those grey, grey days. 
Okay, I’m off to sip on some ginger tea and indulge in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Everything about this show is just SO GOOD. 
How have you guys been?! What’s new? Share. Share.
Xx, kim


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