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So, as we begin a new year, and start thinking about our resolutions, we ALL love throwing ‘going to the gym’ in our list. Right?
I mean, I’m one of those people. 
Yes, I added ‘go to the gym’ in my list of resolutions. But aside from actually writing that down, I kind of made a plan for myself of how I’m going to achieve that. Someone once told me it needs to be a habit. You can’t start going to the gym 5 or 6 times a week, if you’ve NEVER gone before. 
Start small. Be realistic. 
For me, I do get some exercise. I’ve always done my own workouts at home. Nothing crazy, just some core workouts, stretching, walks, etc. Light stuff. 
This year, I want to slowly introduce the gym into my routine. So, I’m thinking twice a week for 30-40 mins. NOTHING LONGER. Why? Because I’ll actually get bored. 
Walking/running on a treadmill is the most boring exercise of life. No amount of good music helps me. I need to actually be doing something. My solution for this: I check my emails, respond to emails, check social media questions/comments, respond to Snapchats, etc. This way when I’m walking on a treadmill, my mind is taken off the walking and time is actually going by faster! 
Is anyone else like this? I just CAN’T walk mindlessly on a treadmill. You know? Weigh in if you guys are like this. 
Okay, and on another note, I also can’t work out in boring gear. LOL. It’s just not chic. 
Titika Activewear is one of my FAVE brands. Let’s be clear, this post is NOT sponsored. I legit, love the brand. Their stuff is SUPER comfy and cute!
I’ve picked out a few of my favourite pieces below for you guys. 
Check out their new collection, it’s amazing. They have a ton of really cute and affordable stuff. 
Here are my top picks:
One: Essex Flex Jacket: I really love this one. I’ve got something similar to this, but not this exact one. This one comes with a hide-away hood! I mean, how practical, right? I love the pattern on it. Very chic. I’m generally always cold, so I tend to workout in long sleeve pieces, and sweatshirts. This one is perfect! And if you get too hot, you can always wear a tank under this. 
Two: Imane Performance Tank: Like this one. How cute is this tank? I love the plunging, lace-up, neckline. It’s also got a built-in bra, so it holds the girls up, well. I love the pattern and the vibrant colours, too!
Three: Crossline Reflective Running Top: This top has a fabric that helps with circulation, oxygen levels, cell vitality, and body temperature. If that’s not enough, it’s got a sexy mesh insert for breath-ability. Kinda perfect, no?
Four: Mod Jogger: I LOVE these. These are probably my favourite joggers, ever. They are super comfy, and the best part is, that you can go out and run errands in them without looking like a total mess. These are totally my weekend pants, when I have nothing planned, except running around doing errands. I HIGHLY recommend getting a pair.
Five: Aggie Pant: Another jogger. I don’t have these, but I had to include them. Because, how cute? They are a bit slouchier than the Mod Jogger. Pairing this with a bra or open cardigan for a workout would be ideal. 
Six: Prana Boot Pant: For something on the tighter side, these look amazing! Again, perfect for working out and then heading out to run errands in. They aren’t super skinny at the bottom, which I love. You can even throw on a chunky heel with this pant, and head out for the night. No one will ever know you’re in a pair of the comfiest pants ever. 
Okay, so who else has got ‘go to the gym’ on their new year’s resolutions list? Is it a realistic goal? Share. 
One of the other things I’ve started today was my juice cleanse! Follow along on insta if you aren’t already. 
( un: @thechicconfidential ) I’m bringing you guys along with me. I really can’t do this alone. The cleanse is with Pulp and Press. I’ve done four juices today plus food. I’m feeling AMAZING so far. Don’t worry, a full blog post is to follow as soon as I’m done the cleanse. It’s a full 5 days! 
Okay, I’m off to make some ginger tea and head to bed. 
Xx, kim


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