Chic Winter Accessory. The Infinity Scarf.

Another week. Let’s go!
I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll say it again, I really don’t hate Mondays. 
In fact, I quite like them.
Mondays are meant for a fresh start. You’re given a couple days to relax and recoup. And then with a clear mind, start again.
Is anyone else like this? 
Mind you, please don’t talk to me before I’ve got a coffee in hand and had a couple minutes to myself in the morning. And chipper, morning people are the most annoying. LOL.
But overall, Mondays never disappoint. I usually take some time on Monday to set aside some goals for myself, the blog, and just in general. It’s my way of getting things done. And yes, I actually write them down. It doesn’t have to be Monday morning. But pick a slow time on Monday, and jot down some things you want to accomplish in the week. 
TRUST ME. It helps. 

Moving on. 
Let’s talk about this CHIC AF winter accessory. And no, it’s not a “round scarf” or a “circular scarf,” it’s an INFINITY SCARF. Let’s get it right people…
I’ll admit, not the type of scarf you’ll want to wear…let’s say, ice fishing. HA.
But all other times, it’s super cute, warm(ish), andddd the cool thing about this scarf is, it’s got two sides to it. One side has got the bold purple, teal, and grey tones to it, and the other side contrasts nicely with a white, diamond-cut lace fabric. 
This gorgeous infinity scarf is the perfect accessory to your night out. There’s nothing I hate more than a bulky scarf ruining a gorgeous coat. Just like I hate a bulky coat, ruining a fabulous outfit. Just, no.
The Mauve scarf is one of my favourites from Sisa & Co. If you haven’t heard of these ladies by now, you need to run, not walk and check out their online store. 
I’ve mentioned before about my love and support for Canadian brands, and this one is EXACTLY that. 
Sisa & Co. is a young start up fashion accessory line that was created by two sisters, Diana and Paula, who wanted to use their creative differences by building something together. They are both super creative entrepreneurs that came together and created their cute little accessory company, Sisa & Co.

Anddd, if I haven’t sold you on infinity scarves yet, THIS one’s on sale!
They also have a ton of other cute infinity scarves. Do check out their online store. LOTS of options. And we know how much I love options. ???
On a completely different note, can we please talk about Scandal season 6?!?! HOLY F#@$! 
I’m losing my mind…
If you watch, let’s get chatty! Snap me, Insta me, or Tweet me
Chat soon, loves. 
Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with Sisa & Co. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.


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