Crushing On Faux Fur.

Well, when winter comes, it FUCKING comes in full force.

Hello -22 degrees–you’re NOT welcome. 
Good thing for cozy, faux fur jackets. (And snow tires, too?)
Anyway, HAPPY MONDAY, guys. 
How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was very relaxing. If you we’re following on Snap/Insta, you already know we were celebrating my best friend, Victoria’s birthday. 
We usually always do a spa-type thing for her birthday. It’s something about December and spas. I don’t know what it is, but maybe it’s the rush of the holiday’s that makes us want to go? Everyone’s always rushing around, and super busy during the month of December, so it’s nice to take a weekend, and escape to the spa. It’s a great way to slow down. 
We literally just sat in each other presence, sipped on herbal teas, chatted about everything, and caught up on real life. No social media (okay, not too much social media). I wanted to bring you guys along, because the spa was beautiful! We also had massages and pedicures done.

If you’re looking for a good gift for someone, or even just a weekend getaway, The Double Tree Fallsview Resort, is stunning. (Btw, this is NOT sponsored.) Just sharing what I loved. It’s a very cozy atmosphere. You can even grab a glass of wine at the bar, and bring it to the lobby, where there are couches by the fireplace. SO CUTE, and very much my kinda vibes. 
Okay, let’s switch over and talk about this faux fur moment I’m having.

By now, you guys should know that I’m a sucker for sequins, fringe, leather, or faux fur. I’ll wear it anywhere and anytime. I mean, they never seem to go out of season. Even if it does, somehow I’ll bring them back. They’re major staples in my wardrobe. 
So, naturally I’m obsessed with this coat…
The green colour makes this kinda…festive? I would normally opt for a black one, but for some reason, I was drawn to the green. 
It’s the perfect coat for the holidays, and to dress up/down an outfit. I’ve literally got on a super casual outfit–grey jeans, and a grey blouse, but throw on the coat, and instantly you look slight more put together.
Also, it’s great for not ruining a nice outfit with a bulky jacket. There’s nothing I hate more, than bulky winter jackets over nice dresses. I know, sometimes the weather is a bit unbearable, and those bulky jackets are needed. But, for milder (fall-ish) weather, you can still get away with wearing this coat. 
Side-story: I wore this coat during fashion week in New York a couple winters ago, and nearly died. It was like -30 in the middle of February. Never again. Sometimes, sometimes you have to say f*ck it, and keep warm in ugly, bulky, winter jackets. (For the sake of our health…) Right?

What are some staples you guys love wearing? Like I said in my previous post, I pick a few good pieces, and wear them all winter. No fuss. 
Also, is anyone else freaking out that Christmas is THIS weekend?? 
Howww does the year go by so quickly? Check out the holiday gift guide, if you’re still looking for gifts! This year, I’m being slightly lazy, and gifting a lot of wine. I mean, who doesn’t love getting a good bottle of wine? So practical. 
And on that note, I’m going to pour myself some ginger tea, and settle in for the night. 
Check out Snapchat–Just made tilapia in an avocado-lime sauce! SO GOOD. Pairs well with a glass of Riesling. 😉
Okay–chat soon. 
Xx, kim


Faux Fur Coat (sold out, similar here.)

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.



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