Fall Fashion-ing With Joe Fresh.

Between wisdom teeth surgery literally putting me out for a week, my actual job, and life in general, I was totalllly NOT able to post anything for you guys on the blog! It’s definitely been a hot minute. ?
My apologies. 
How has everyone been? What’s new? Tell tell. 
I really feel like I haven’t had a second to get back on track. It’s been go go go for an entire two weeks. 
Let’s talk about wisdom teeth surgery for a second. Firstly, WHY do we even have wisdom teeth when we all eventually have to take them out anyway? They are the most useless teeth ever. 
Secondly, the surgery went great, because I was out cold. And you know I confirmed this on Snapchat if you were following (UN: kim-marquis). Yes, I legit asked the dentist ON Snapchat if he was certain that I was going to be completely passed out. The answer was YES. 
Post surgery was a whole other ball game! It was painful AF, and I’ve never missed food more in my life! I think I was actually craving EVERYTHING solid. From fish tacos, to pizza, to chocolate covered almonds. You name it, I wanted it. 
What also made the entire process extremely difficult was the amount of unnatural pills I had to swallow. If you guys know me at all, you know I stay away from any kind of meds as much as I can. It’s not my thing. Even when I’m sick, I’d rather swallow raw garlic and ginger than take Tylenol. So when I kind of HAD to take these meds after the surgery, it really fucked with my body. I was everything from nauseous to dizzy to having hot and cold flashes, and MORE. It was actually the worst feeling ever. ? ? ?
I mean, I was looking forward to binge watch The Crown on Netflix for a couple days, and even looking at a screen made me want to hurl. (Hence, the lack of blogging).   
After I decided to ditch the drugs and deal with the pain, I slowly started to feel much better. I just realized that my body couldn’t handle the hardcore meds. When in doubt, listen to your body. It ALWAYS knows. 

Anyway, the entire process really set me back quite a bit. But obviously, my health comes first. I’m back at it. Feeling A LOT healthier. My jaw is’t quite back to normal yet, but I hear that can take some time. 
Thankfully, nothing is infected, and apparently “I’m healing well.” (Says my dentist)
BTW. You guys are the most supportive readers EVER, and I seriously love you all so much. I received so many comments on Insta and snaps throughout this surgery, and that made me heal quicker. REALLY. Thank you for your kind words, always. They really put a smile on my face. 
Okay, enough about the surgery. 
Who else is getting REALLY excited for Christmas?! ? ?
I’m in the midst of planning a Christmas event at work and everyone has been in such great spirits, lately. I love hearing the Christmas music in stores. (I know some of you think it’s too early, but it’s never too early for me!) I also LOVE seeing the red coffee cups. It’s something about the Holidays that I just love. Red cups, mulled wine, Christmas Markets, fireplaces, ugly sweaters, extra family time, it’s all just cozy and really fun. 
Anyone else like this??
On another (non wintery) note, this dress is still very fall. I mean, the good weather is kind of here to stay, so I’m still busting out a dress here and there. I’m loving the print on this one. It’s super cute and very comfy. It’s perfect for the office or even an evening out. On a colder evening you can also throw on some leggings under the dress. Adding a blazer or leather jacket can also look great. I added a pop of fall colour with my burnt orange booties. Nothing screams fall like burnt orange. Amiright?!
Joe Fresh is full of cute printed dress (ON SALE!) Like this one.
Okay, I’m off to get cozy with ginger tea and the Christian Dior biography. It’s a goodie!
What are you guys reading these days?
Chat soon–
Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with Joe Fresh. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Photography by Victoria Jmourko.


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