Parisian-Esque Vibes This October.


The month for cozy blanket scarves, suede boots, leather jackets, and white pumpkins. (I’m over the orange ones.)
We are literally three months away from 2017…and for an event planner, we’re ALREADY in 2017, planning all kinds of spring events. Crazy right?! Welcome to my world. 
Anyway. How was everyone’s weekend? 
If you were following along on Snap/Insta, you already know, I did nothing but lounge this weekend. It was a very low key, lots of wine, kind of weekend. I ate at one of my favourite Thai restaurants in the city, Pai. If you haven’t been, you HAVE to go. They also serve the Green Curry in an actual coconut! The taste is pretty close to authentic Thai, in my opinion. (Yes, I’ve been to Thailand, and have eaten LOTS of Green Curry there.)

I also visited my dear friends at Infuse Med Spa this weekend for some lazer hair removal treatments. (Full blog post coming soon!) But basically, NOBODY likes a hairy upper lip. Or a hairy…anything for that matter. I’ve been doing a few treatments for the last few months, and have noticed such a difference. Anyway, I want to share it all with you guys on The Chic Confidential. So, stay tuned!

Okay, let’s talk about this outfit. We’re kinda moving away from the warmer temperatures now, so this outfit won’t really fly for too long. But, it’s just very Parisian-esque to me. I kind of just want to roam the gardens and sip on some Chardonnay? Are you getting that vibe too? Or is it just me? Lol.

This midi skirt from is just so chic. I probably should have paired it with something that would work in colder temps, but that’s no fun. This skirt, being black and white, goes with pretty much anything. Pair it with a blouse/sweater, and you’re good to go for fall weather. It’s also perfect for those fall weddings. All you need to do with an outfit like this, is drape a fancy shawl over your shoulders. 
However, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be packing this skirt on ANY vacation you go on. I’m more of a dress-up than dress-down kinda gal on vacations. (Sometimes, very unpractical.)
Okay, that’s all for today. Who is looking forward to the long weekend? (Extra long weekend for me. Come hang out on Snapchat/Insta Stories!)
+ My apologies on the lack of blogging last week. It was a busy one!
++ I’m also looking for a new book to read. ANY and ALL recommendations are welcome! (Okay, maybe nothing with zombies. It’s just not my thing. I can’t seem to get on board with zombies.)
Chat soon–
Xx, kim

This post was in collaboration with As always, all opinions are my own. 

Photography by Victoria Jmourko


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