Favourite Fall Essentials.

I HATE that I’m already talking about Fall but, I feel like it’s now or never. 
So, FIRST fall post of 2016…here we go. 
Ps. Just so we’re all clear, there’s still seven FULL DAYS of summer left. But of course, the temperatures have already started to drop, which is why I’m rolling in the fall essentials post, now. 
Let’s talk about this to-die-for Rebecca Minkoff leather jacket. I’m not saying this one is essential, but we all need a reeeaallly good leather jacket for fall. It’s a must. I have about three, because obviously. (I need to do a serious summer clean-out of my closet!) Anyway, leather jackets are just a great, easy way to make any outfit look chic. Throw it over a fall dress and you automatically go from girly to badass. Which I LOVE.
This over-sized camo jacket is also pretty key for fall. ALSO, the best $54.90 you’ll ever spend. It looks super warm and cozy, and again, has that very badass look to it. No? For your casual nights, this is your go-to. 
Fall nail colours. I might have to ditch the white nails that I so dearly love! Although, you never know. When I’m feeling a white nails moment, I WILL go for it. These three colours are so hot for fall though. They are:
– Started With Good Intentions
– WIne O’Clock
– Kiss Kiss Darling

Also, the names of Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes are hilarioussss. There are some really kinky ones. 😉
The perfect peep-toe boot. I love this one by Vince Camuto because it’s all sorts of amazing. The details, the colour, the suede material, and the heel height. I mean, does it get any better? Also, I happen to know that Vince Camuto shoes are so comfy! So, that’s another plus. 
Printed scarves. Can you EVER have too many printed scarves?! I have about three JUST in various leopard prints. Whatever print you choose will be perfect for fall. I’m seeing SO much print everywhere! 
Last but not least, we all need to go from our summer bags to our fall bags. Amiright? Unless your strutting around with a Prada handbag, you’ll need to change it up. You don’t need to go crazy and spend a fortune on a new fall bag. I love this one from H&M. Anddd it may be on sale! The colour is perfect for fall! 
Okay, friends. There you have it. My favourite fall essentials. I’m sure there’s a lot more I could add to this list, but I’ll leave you with this one for now. 
What are you guys loving for fall? DO share!!
Chat soon–
Xx, kim


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