Whites & Stripes + Discussing Snapchat Vs. Insta-Snap.

Happy Hump Day, friends.
We are ALMOST through the week!!
Except my busiest day will actually be Friday, so I’m really looking forward to Saturday….
How’s everyone doing? What’s new?
Okay, I want to chat a little about the new Instagram feature….
(Although, in the world of social media, probably not that new anymore).
Who is using it? What are your thoughts?

Here’s my take on things. 
Snapchat is most definitely the better platform. With filters, timed posts, and direct messaging it’s currently winning my opinion. However, Insta-snap is clearly reaching more audience. AND, who says that in a few months, Instagram won’t adopt all the features (and more) that Snapchat already has?
After all, Instgram stole Snapchat right form under their nose. At this point, adding more features only makes them better, right? 
It all really comes down to WHAT you’re using Snapchat/Insta-snap for. 
I’ve been using both for the past month-ish now. I still really love Snapchat, and being able to snap certain people and not everyone. I still have a shit ton of fun with their awesome filters, and I do LOVE their go-filters. (Although, I must admit, I sometimes forget to use them…) 
Insta-snap I feel is a bit all over the place. I absolutely HATE that you can’t time your posts. Sometimes, I want my viewers actually reading something that I’ve posted, and I can’t keep it on for long enough. They need to get on that ASAP. Insta-snap is great for the blog, as it obviously reaches more people. The end goal is obviously driving as many people back to The Chic Confidential blog as possible. 
So, Insta-snap is the better platform for that. Snapchat is slightly more personal in my opinion. 
Which one am I going to use more? 
I haven’t decided, yet. Only time will tell what platform makes more sense for me as a person, and me as a business. 
I love getting different thoughts on this topic, because I hear VERY different opinions from people. Some are hardcore Snappers, and some have completely ditched Snapchat for Insta, for the sole reason of everything being on ONE platform. People love not having to switch from app to app. 
What are your thoughts? Weigh in!

And on a COMPLETELY different note, this outfit. 
I love a good white denim look. Again, I know I’ve said this before, but I stand correct when I say, finding a good pair of jeans is like finding a husband. RARE AS F. 
In fact, finding a husband may be easier 😉
I kid i kid, but you get it, right? Point is, it’s a struggle. And when you actually find a good pair that feels amazing, you never ever want to let go. LOL.
Kinda my feels for this pair of jeans. They are the most comfiest pair I own. Something about the fit and form just hugs your every curve and flatters in ALL the right places. 
Okay, I’m off for the night. This includes a kale salad with homemade dressing, my couch, and Scandal for the night. Jake is winning over my heart right now. 
Talk soon–
Xx, kim
White Jeans Here, here, & here. (The ones I bought, are sold out, however jeans are best bought when tried on!)
Nude Sandals (ON SALE!)
Photography by Victoria Jmourko


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