How To Get Those Perfect, Beachy Curls.

So, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is, “HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET YOUR CURLS TO LOOK LIKE THAT?!”
Easy peasy, my friends. 
Today I’m going to show/tell you. 
The simple answer is, it’s ALL IN THE WAND
Yes, the curling wand. In all fairness, I do have naturally curly hair. However, anyone with naturally curly hair will tell you, it’s a f**kin’ b*tch to maintain. You don’t get out of the shower with curls like Selena Gomez….
It’s A LOT of work. There’s the oils, creams, gels, and finally, the WAND. 
For a full list of the products I use, read this post.
So, what’s my secret weapon to achieving those natural-looking curls?
You guys, this is the only curling tool you will ever need in life. Throw away EVERYTHING, and get this one. 
Eight types of wands with interchangeable barrels, gives you any type of curl you’re looking to get: tight perm-like curls, ringlet curls, spirals curls, ribbon curls, flick curls, large and bouncy curls, beachy or wavy curls and finger wave type curls. I love giving myself those natural, beachy waves (see photo below). 
You don’t need to spend $$$ at the salon to get those perfect curls. 
I use a few different barrels to get my look. Sometimes I want something super messy and natural, and other times I’m going for something more clean and sophisticated. You guys, this curler does it all. 
If you guys want a tutorial on how to actually get these curls, go comment on my latest Instagram photo. I’ll do a quick video for you guys and show you which barrels I’m using. 

Here’s a quick tutorial on what I do to get my beach waves.
Step 1: Divide your hair into sections. As many sections as you need to. 
Step 2: Start curling from bottom to top. What I mean by this is, start with your bottom sections and work your way up to the crown of your head.
Step 3: Curl AWAY from your face. So, twirl your hair around the wand outward from your face, so that you get the proper curl. Many people make the mistake of curling inward, and it doesn’t look quite right. 
Step 4: Once you’ve curled all your sections, comb through the curls with your fingers. Remember, curly hair is not meant to look perfect. Brush out the curls with your fingers, giving it that very natural-looking curl. 
Step 5: I like to put some almond oil or coconut oil to my curls once my hair is fully done. It moisturizes my hair and keeps it healthy. 
Step 6: A little hairspray wouldn’t hurt, to keep it from frizzing. 
As you can see, the ‘before’ photo was….REALLY AKWARD and gross. I don’t know what my hair was doing there, so obviously I thought that would be the perfect ‘before’ photo. LOL. 
For the ‘after’ shot, I used the 19mm and 25mm wands to get that look. It’s the look I go for most of the time. I don’t want to look like I’ve stepped out of a movie scene, with my curls. I always go for something very simple and natural. Nothing too fancy. 
If you guys have any questions on this look/ curling iron, feel free to ask me anything! 
Also, if you want to see a video tutorial, go comment on my latest Insta photo. UN: @thechicconfidential. 
Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week!!
Xx, kim

Thanks to Irresistible Me for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are entirely mine!

Photography by Victoria Jmourko



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