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Hi guys!

Sharing what I’m loving these days. Mind you, not everything on this list I actually own. Some are just on my ‘wish list’ or sitting in my ‘cart’. Haha. Just you know, waiting for that next big-ass paycheck to kick in. 😉

K, let’s talk about this gold bar cart. I love it! So chic, right? As you already know, a gold bar cart was one of my first home purchases as soon as I bought the condo. This particular item was on my wish list for a while, so naturally, I had to have it asap. These are so perfect for someone who’s living in a small space and can’t actually have a full-on bar. This is your mini, chic version of one. It also comes in handy when you don’t have a coffee table as yet! (Which is my current situation right now.)

Okay, moving onto these Block Heels from ASOS. Again, something I’m loving, is a nice chunky heel for summertime. These sandals are perfect. I love the nude colour, as they will literally go with everything! You can dress up a really casual outfit wearing these, too.

This Alexander Wang Cross Body is definitely on the ‘wish list’. Everything about it, is perfect. I actually need this in my life. Okay, okay, maybe it’s not a need, but it’s a BIG want. Haha. The shape, structure, and style of the bag, is right up my alley. It will FOR SURE be my next big, bag purchase.

And speaking of cute bags, this Layered Fringe Cross Body is more my budget. It’s no A.Wang leather sexiness, but it will do, as I love fringe. Adding something like this to an outfit can spruce it right up. For some reason, fringe never seems to go out of season for me. LOL.

You guys already know how much I’m loving chokers, lately. They just seem like the perfect, simple accessory to throw over any outfit to jazz it up. You can literally put no effort into your outfit, but add a choker, and it looks like you know what you’re doing. Lol. It’s true though. This Black Cord Choker, is super cute and has some gold detailing to it, which is always a plus. It adds a little something to it, you know? I own a few, this black cord one, a lace choker, and a thicker black ribbon one that I love. I like to switch it up here and there.

And speaking of switching it up, I’m switching to THIS gorgeous MAC lip colour for the perfect nude shade. It’s called “Velvet Teddy” and it’s matte! SO HOT. I’m always on the hunt for that J-Lo nude lip colour, so if anyone has any recos, send them my way. I’m interested to know what you girls that are my skin-tone, are wearing for nudes.

Lastly, this adorable Black & White Compact mirror had to make the list. I love the gold detailing. I actually have a pillow that’s got the black and white stripes on it, and it’s super chic.

Okay guys, your turn. What are you currently loving? Share share share!

I LOVE perusing the web for cool finds. Lately, it’s been ALL about home decor stuff, so Etsy has been my fave. Send me your go-to websites. I’d love to take a look!

I just got back from a wicked Cirque du Soleil show, Luzia, and will share the deets on the blog soon. But right now, I’m making some ginger/lemon tea and cozying up with a book.

Have a GREAT night, babes.

xx, kim


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