A Peek Inside My New Bedroom.

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It’s actually coming together!! If you are following me on Snapchat, you got a sneak peek into my bedroom the other day. I’ve had an OVERWHELMING response on social media about my bedroom.
So many of you asked me where I got certain things, so obviously, that led me to do a post for you guys.

For the record, it’s also been a month since I’ve had my place and I still haven’t actually moved in yet. I know. Crazy right? Like I said before, I’m SO anal about my living space. It needs to be almost perfect before I move in. Like, I need some art on the walls….

Is anyone else like this? Who can live in a space where there’s nothing on the walls?! It actually freaks me out. Art makes a home, ‘homey.’ Right?? Lol, anyways, that’s my rant, and I’m sticking to it.

Let’s move onto what I’m LOVING for bedroom decor.

So, I’m trying to keep things very simple in the bedroom. Lots of white and grey obviously, but simplicity is what I’m going for.

This bed is everything I’ve wanted and MORE. I didn’t choose a bed overnight. I looked long and hard for a good bed. Beds/mattresses are super important to me. Why? Because I really love and enjoy sleep. I know we all say that, but I actually like to get my 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Sometimes, it’s near to impossible, but most days, this little lady is in bed with a good book (or an episode of Scandal) by 10pm. So, finding a good bed which was also beautiful in every way possible, had to happen.

This dresser. Another KEY item in the bedroom. After serious conversations with tons of people, I finally decided on a dresser (from IKEA!) that worked well for me. Lot’s of things to consider when buying a dresser: Do you hang your clothes or fold them? Where are all my accessories going? Hair tools? Lingerie? This was a dilemma and gave me some anxiety. But again, with lots of recos on THIS particular dresser, I went for it. So far, I’m loving it.

I didn’t want a typical Bedside Lamp. I wanted something super simple, and as you can see, it doesn’t get simpler than this lamp.

These Grey Pillows from Etsy are just too gorgeous. I bought my set from a good Homesense find, but I’m loving these ones from Etsy. So cute. So cheap. They work so well with this bed as well. Who else loves grey and white as much as I do? Chic right?

Another amazing Homesense find, was this mirror. I linked a very similar one for you guys. Mine looks exactly like this one. Again, keeping it very simple, I went with a circular mirror with a black frame and rope. Having a circular mirror gave the room a bit of dimension and balance.

Lastly, these Fashion Prints from Indigo, Chapters are everything. You can put any kinda art you like, but my life is nothing without some serious fashion icons on my wall above the bed. I have black and white photos of the iconic Marilyn, Audrey, and Liz, that I need framed and hung. As soon as those are done, I will show you guys the final product. In the meantime, check out the fashion prints at Chapters, because they are beautiful!!

Okay, that’s all I have for you guys right now. If you love this post, let me know! I’ll do more home decor stuff for you guys. But, come hang out on Snapchat, because ALL the fun is really there.
UN: kim-marquis.

Also, let me know what bedroom decor you guys are loving. Let me know if you think I need to add a bit more stuff to the bedroom. (Photo of my bedroom is up on Insta @thechicconfidential and below).

Chat soon babes–

Xx, kim

I could’ve definitely moved the pile of clothes lying on the floor, out of this shot…

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