A Black & White Moment.

Happy Monday, friends!!
I love a new, fresh week! There’s something about Monday’s that I just…don’t hate. Is that weird? 
Am I the only one? I just feel like it’s a fresh start. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Friday’s. But, there’s something about Monday’s that I really, really like. I can’t quite put my finger on it. When I do though, I’ll do a post on it. 😉
How was everyone’s weekend?
Do tell. 
You guys already know ALL about my weekend from Snapchat. (UN: Kim-marquis)
I mean, it was pretty straight forward. Haha! Wasn’t celebrating anything, just needed a few good martinis with friends. That’s all. 

I also snapped a picture of my detox drink the next morning (much needed!) that a few of you had questions about. 
It’s literally the easiest detox drink ever, and SO DELISH. As most of you know, there are 84527232+ detox drinks out there. I have found this one to be the simplest drink and in my opinion the yummiest. 
Here’s the recipe:
_ice (lots of it)
_half a lemon (or a whole one)
_quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper (I sometimes put half a teaspoon, but this depends on your spice level)
_add water in
_stir rapidly until all the cayenne pepper is mixed in well
The benefits are endless. Here’s a few of them: 
1) Boosts immune system
2) Cayenne pepper is the perfect digestive aid
3) Keeps blood pressure low
4) Improves blood circulation and lymphatic health
5) Fights Viruses
…..and SO MUCH MORE.
I highly recommend it. I don’t drink this daily, because it can also rapidly reduce weight, which is not something I drink this for. It’s purely for the benefits mentioned above. 
What are your fave detox drinks? Share them with me!

Okay, moving onto this outfit!
Totally obsessed with a black and white moment at ANYTIME. I mean, this is classic-chic with a twist. No? 
The twist being the 90s choker. Which to be honest, is also kinda classic. (90s classic) 😉
This outfit was a breeze, because it literally is the most simple thing ever. Everyone has these pieces in their closet. And if not, then you need to get on this now. 
Perfect for a night out with the gals or a chic, date night in my books, a pair of lose black shorts, a cropped black tee, and a white blazer for those windy nights.
I went with no accessories for this look, but again, I love adding a little something to all my outfits, and with this one, I thought the choker was the perfect accessory. Thoughts?
Also, I die for these Jessica Simpson wedges. So cute, no?! They were made for this outfit. 😉

On a completely other note….
I made a chicken fajita pasta yesterday, and put the whole thing on Snapchat. RUNNNN and watch it, because it was actually heavenly! Like heaven in my frekin mouth! haha. Sounds weird, but no joke, it was bomb!
I’m thinking I may to a full blogpost on it, but for now, it’s on Snapchat!! So check it out, try making it, and let me know what you think, because, I’m drooooling as type this out, just thinking of it….
Okay, that’s it for now, lovelies!!
Hope you guys had a major weekend!!
Chat soon–
Xx, kim

Hair by Jessi D (Onare Salon)

Photography by Victoria Jmourko


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