Summer Dresses You’ll NEED.

Summer has OFFICIALLY arrived, and mannnn has it been a sweaty one! NOT that I’m complaining in any way…
I always hope for good weather on my birthday, and by good, I mean HOT HOT HOT. This year, I couldn’t be happier, as it was 30 degrees, which actually felt like 35. And this for me, is what I call the perfect temp. Anyone else like it sweaty hot??
Anyway, today I’m bringing you guys my top four dresses that I’m totally digging for summer. Funny enough, they are all from ASOS. Who doesn’t love online shopping? Amirighttt?!
Get your credit cards ready, because these dresses are ALL UNDER $50.00!!

The Mini Floral is such a cute little feminine dress. All the weddings I’m going to lately have an outdoor component to it, and a dress like this one, when dressed up with the right accessories, can be totally worn to a wedding! It’s super cute and flirty as well. I know I mentioned a few posts ago that I’m kind of over “florals for summer,” but I couldn’t resist it on a dress like this one. 
The Off-Shoulder, is another MAJE favourtie right now. I know I’ve mentioned this already in previous posts. How cute and flirty right? I’m all about flowy, relaxed, comfy dressed. Not digging anything too body conscious this summer. Tight dresses are great, but not when it’s sweltering hot out. This one is just so great for a beachy evening with the girlfriends. Add a cute pair of flats and you’re golden. It’s also great for music festivals that are coming up!
The Low V is obviously super sexy. This one is for date night with your guy. I love the light pink colour as well, because again, very feminine and perfect for summer. You can even do a kitten heel and a bold lip to really spice things up. It’s a super simple dress, so if you want to jazz it up a bit, add your statement pieces. An over-sized clutch, a strappy sandal, or some funky earrings will do the trick. 
The Boho Maxi is probably my favourite one! Boho maxis need NO work. The dress kind of speaks for itself. Do you know what I mean? I love ones with tons of prints on them. It just adds to the wildness of the dress. They are the most comfortable dresses on earth, I swear. It’s kinda hard to get away with one of these for a wedding, unless it’s a super casual wedding, then go for it. Otherwise, I wear these anywhere else! Summer events are always popping up, and these dresses allow you to 1. get away with wearing flats, because they are usually so damn long, and 2. eat as much as you want because they are super over-sized and have a ton of prints on them. #winning in every way possible.
K, so are you dying right now??
I know I was, when I came across all these. UNDER $50 GUYS. Leave me links on dresses you guys are loving for the summatime! I want to check them out and add to the summer wardrobe collection. 
Ok, I’m switching over to home shopping now. Ps. I finally bought a gold bar cart. Details on the blog soooon!
Xx, kim


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