Life Lately.

Haaaaaapy Monday, you guys!!
Yes, that view is amazing, is it not?! And is mine forever. Well, no, not forever. Lol. 
And to be clear, it’s not the view from my condo, but the view from the penthouse lounge in my building, and I get to go up there whenever I want. 
Okay, so we all know my obsession with sunsets right? I mean, if you’re following on Snapchat, Instagram or anything at all, you already know this about me. 
I LIVE for sunsets. 
And most people just don’t really get it. I mean, we DO get a sunset every. single. day. However, no matter how many times I get to see it, it always seems to blow me away. Especially sunsets here in Toronto. And no, I’m yet to go to Greece to catch one of theirs. But I hear it’s all the rage. 
Anyway, this past week/ weekend has been an absolute crazy one. But, good crazy. 
I finally moved all my big things into the new place! I really have the best family and friends ever, BTW. They made moving, so much fun. So, big shout outs to them!!
The place is really coming together well. 
The throw pillows on my couch. Wicker Emporium & IKEA.
I am really taking my time though. Most people would have moved in and started living in their place by now. I’m just taking it one day at a time, really. 
I’m one of those really anal people, where I kinda need to have EVERYTHING, right down to my box of nail polishes, when I live somewhere. Haha. Anal right? I just need everything. I never want to be in the situation where I need to open a can of beans, and NOT have a can opener, you know? So, my lists are LONG. I mean, I’ve got lists upon lists, UPON LISTS. It’s never ending. And everyday, I accomplish a little. 
Bronte Beach in Oakville. Similar romper linked here.
This weekend was SO beautiful, weather wise, that I had to just stop with all the moving and just take a breather. I also live for beach weather….but you guys already know that. 
Ok, speaking of beaches, does anyone know any reeeeallly good ones? Leave me your faves in the comments, because I’m dying to try some new ones this summer. As for what I like? QUIET. Please don’t send me to a busy beach where teenagers are getting high and blasting terrible music. 
I mean, if that’s your thing, hey, I’m not judging. It’s just not for me. So, something more along the lines of quiet, retirement-type atmosphere. You know, like for old people? Haha
Homemade guac and chips from the Birthday weekend @ Playa Cabana. This was delish!

Enjoying mojitos AND sangrias with my ladies. #BirthdayLaughs

Also, another home update!!
I found a gold bar cart that I was looking for. Again, you’ve seen it if you’re following on Snap. It’s kind of perfect. I found it online at Pier One Imports. It just adds to the whole place, making it super chic and cozy. And I mean, I need a bar…
More home updates to come, I promise!
Okay, I’m off. 
PS. I won’t be doing much posting this week, because I’ll be swimming in event work. It’s Canada Day this weekend, which is our BIGGEST city festival, and I’ll be extremely tied up with the planning and prepping of the event. It’s actually one of my favourtie events, ever. I promise I will post more once the weekend is over. 
PPS. You’re always welcome to follow along on Snapchat, because let’s face it, Snapchat is a SHIT TON OF MORE FUN! UN: kim-marquis
Okay, ciao!


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