Crop Tops & Overalls.

How are overalls not worn more often?!
These things are the comfiest things ever! It’s literally like walking around in your PJs all day.
HAPPY FRIYAY you guys! 
What’s everyone up to this weekend? I will be busy shooting some new stuff for you guys, and also home shopping. I feel like that is my life these days. Shoots and home shopping. 
The condo will be mine in t-minus 12 days!! Ahhh, it’s a bit crazy, but exciting at the same time. 
Is anyone else a new home owner and just have like crazy emotions going on? I feel like I’m pregnant. (but no) LOL. 
One day I’m super excited, another I’m nervous AF, when I think of all the things I need to buy/ get done. The lists are actually never ending. I’ve got like 7 lists going on. 

Okay, let’s talk about this outfit for a bit. For anyone that loves wearing jeans, overalls are EVEN better. I feel like overalls are maybe even a step up? But that topic is up for discussion.
I totally feel like a kid in these overall. But a really chic one, you know? 
This is a super casual look. I paired it with a simple cropped white tee and this very cute, faux leather hat
Of course, if you are going to dress up an outfit like this one, always go with adding some accessories. I’ve added a few to this look, but you can also do a bold lip colour. Think, magenta pink lip. I wanted to really keep it casual for this one. 
And on another crazy note!! I’m on my way to get the new Samsung S7! 
I need some advice guys, how are we liking the new Samsung? Or are we all just iPhone users now? Lol, either way, I’m not ready to make the switch from Samsung to iPhone just yet! 
Okay, have an amazing, productive weekend, friends!
Praying for GREAT weather!!
Xx, kim

Photography by Victoria Jmourko



  1. August 8, 2017 / 11:27 am

    Wow ! I love the way dress and you carry your outfits very well ! I wanted someone to help me improve my dressing , that someone is definitely you !

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