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Happy Monday! 
So you guys already know how I’m kind of into flats these days. I’ve mentioned that I’m ditching the heels for chic flats in several posts now. Not forever, just for now. 
I attended a shopping event at the GEOX store in the Eaton Centre last week for their newest collection called, Nebula, and obviously wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. (Photos of the event below)
Okay, let’s be real for a second. You don’t necessarily think of ‘chic’ when you think GEOX shoes. However, they are totally changing up their shoe game and I pretty much fell in LOVE with their Nebula collection!

Now, if you were following me on Snapchat, you already know I had a hard time choosing a pair of shoes from the collection. Everything was supppper cute and guys, NOT to mention so, SO comfy!

Side Note: I’m also the type of person that will sometimes, on occasion, not give a shit about comfort when it comes to an amazing pair of shoes. I will suffer in those 4-inch heels for the beauty and sake of the shoe. I mean, what’s fashion without a little pain right?!


In this case though, you don’t need to choose. These GEOX shoes from the Nebula collection are both, chic and comfy! What’s not to love?

After serious process of elimination, I went with these babies. In my opinion, these are very classic and very TCC-esque. No? And I obviously love the black leather. I feel like these shoes can be worn to work-out or can be worn with a sexy black number, like how I’ve styled them. It’s a total day-to-night kinda shoe. You can do your gym thing after work, and then swap the athletic gear for a cute dress, and stay in these comfy/chic runners for drinks.

Here’s a little bit on the shoes:
NEBULA shoes are made for travelling the world. They are designed to be worn every day and in any place, thanks to patented Geox Net Breathing System technology, breathability and heat regulation, making you feel like you’re walking on clouds. (SO MUCH YES!!) 

Nebula features technology that ensures lightness and breathability, offering superior body temperature regulation. (Say NO to sweaty feet!!) This advanced technology and design is characterized by 3 unique features: 

Superior Performance
The 3D performance unit system includes a unique sole is that characterized by flexibility, cushioning, stability and grip. It allows movement to follow the foot’s natural points of contact to optimize balance and comfort. 

3D Breathing Engineering
The evolution and refinement of the 3-dimensional breathing concept allows for exceptional comfort and total weather protection. The unique inner lining features breathable gaps that create a free space between the foot and the upper, allowing excess heat to escape upwards.

Comfort Engineering
Nebula’s innovative combination of elastomers and polymers lend lightness and comfort, while the integrated shape includes elastic inserts that allows for a slipper-like easy entry. 

Okay, so what do you guys think? Have any of you checked out their new Nebula collection? 
If you have, and LOVE it as much as I do, leave your comments below. Also, snap me, insta me, or tweet me your shoes using the hashtag #TCCXGeoxNebula.
Anddd, don’t forget to have an amazing, PRODUCTIVE week, my friends!
Xx, kim


Thanks to GEOX for the shoes. As always, all opinions are mine!



  1. May 3, 2016 / 1:03 pm

    I've totally been on the comfy flats trend too! I adore the ones you got… so chic! Enjoy!

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