It’s Officially Maxi Dress Season.

YASSSS. I officially welcome the warm weather with open arms!
Finally though. I mean, it took quite a long time. 
Anyways, happppy Monday, you guys. Who is loving Mondays lately and totally kicking the week’s butt? I am. 
I know Mondays are supposed to be this really long and aggravating day, however, get your coffee, try to talk to as few people as you possibly can before that coffee, and just handle it. That’s my secret, anyway… 😉
On another note, I’m getting super excited for many reasons…
a) the weather was amazing this weekend. And when the weather is great, EVERYTHING is great. 
b) I have some really exciting work events rolling around soon and I cannot wait. #lovemyjob

And c) IT MAXI DRESS SEASON! Which is really just the besssttt. 
Can we please talk about this fabulous dress? Every year I wait for this season and just bust out all my maxi dresses, caftans, and anything lose and flowy. 
This dress is actually the perfect for hot weather such as this weekend. I could’ve done without the sleeves, however, when we shot this outfit, it wasn’t 30+ degrees outside….
If anyone remembers, a couple weekends ago, it was cold AF, and hailing….
And yes, this dress was shot shortly before hail came down on us… Life of a blogger. #fuckingfreezing
You guys already know the struggle I had if you were following on Snapchat. Tons of BTS moments with me throwing out all kinds of curse words. 

Okay, so I found this beauty of a maxi at a Nordstrom outlet sale, which was such a steal! Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. However, I’m linking my fave maxis here:
PS. For all my mom-to-be’s out there, maxi dresses are the way to go if you don’t want to buy those maternity clothes. Maternity clothing can be so NOT chic sometimes. So invest in some cute looking maxis. 😉
The great thing about this dress is that it also has a draw string around it, so in case you’re not into the whole over-sized look, you can totally tighten the dress so that you have a waist. For me, I prefer the whole dropped-waist, homeless look. 😉 It’s just more MK and Ashley-chic right?

How was everyone’s weekend? 
If you were out and about in the city enjoying the hot weather, I hope you slathered yourself in sunscreen. You guys already know how much I can’t stay away from the sun, so sunscreen is SO in order. And if you missed my post on foods that prevent sun damage, read it. Lots of great tips!
Also, if you were following along on Snapchat (UN: kim-marquis), you already know I was enjoying some afternoon tea with one of my besties at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Blog post to follow soon. Stay tuned, you guys will drool over this one. 
Okay, that’s it for now. 
Link me your favourtie maxi dresses below! I need to fill up my closet with more. 
Chat soon, babes. 
Xx, kim

Photography by Victoria Jmourko

This post was in collaboration with Nordstrom. As always, all opinions are my own.


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