Getting Comfy With Vooray Canada.

Hiiii friends!!
How was everyone’s weekend?! 
I’m going to jump right into today’s post, cause you guys are probably wondering why the fuck I’m wearing sweat pants? Ha. 
Okay, so maybe some of you know, and some don’t, that I’m not your typical hiker/camper/adventurous gal. However, I’m always willing to try and challenge myself. 
You know, some people are really good at the outdoorsy lifestyle. Know what to pack, know what to wear, etc. Let’s just say, I’m not. 
We’ll leave the details out. 

So, as I said, I WILL actually challenge myself once or twice in the summertime and do something that’s a bit out of my element. I think it’s healthy to try new things and I’m always willing, even though I may not be AT ALL good at it. 
With that said, who brings 8 pairs of shoes on a camping trip?
I do…
Why? Because you need a minimum of 2 pairs of runners (A neutral colour and let’s say something a bit more colourful), at least 3 pairs of flip flops (these can break at anytime and you need to have backups!), maybe 1-2 pairs of slip-on, closed toe flats, and 1 pair of small heels. You never know, you may get sick of eating hotdogs and hamburgers and want to drive out a little further for a nicer dinner? 
Is anyone else like this or am I just psycho-crazy?!
I’m TRYING to get better at not packing everything. 

Sooo, my friends at Vooray Canada stepped in and we collaborated on the perfect, and not to mention chic AF, weekend getaway outfit.
You guys, the duffle bag, the tank, and the baseball hat ALL MATCH. Can we please talk about how effin cute that is?! 
Now this is my kinda outdoorsy outfit!
Point is, I am much more comfortable doing these outdoorsy activities when the clothing I’m wearing works with my style AND is practical for what I’m doing. 

Another thing I am terrible at is packing for these weekend camping trips. I never had a bag big enough for everything I needed, and therefore I’d be carrying 2-3 different bags….again, super unpractical right? 
This duffle bag comes in two sizes. A larger one and a smaller one. I, of course LOVE the large one because this means I can pack more. 😉
But for those that are actually good at packing just one or two outfits and maybe 2-3 pairs of shoes, the smaller size is perfect!

SO, I can’t possibly be the only one out there that is like this!!
Please tell me there’s more of you out there that are terrible at the outdoorsy lifestyle. 
I mean, it’s fun! Don’t get me wrong. But one has to really adapt. At least, if you’re me. LOL. 
Regardless of whether you’re good at this, or a complete disaster like myself, I wanna hear from you. Weigh in!
Anddd, find more of my silliness on snap (kim-marquis).
All this talk about the outdoors is making me want to book a cottage getaway. Yea…I don’t do tents. Surprised? 
Have an amazing Monday! 
Chat soon.
Xx, kim
This post was in collaboration with Vooray Canada. As always, all opinions are my own.

Photography by Victoria Jmourko


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