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Happy Wednesday, Friends!

So, as promised, I’m updating you guys on all things home and home decor as I slowly start to put my own place together. Things are getting very exciting. It’s SUCH a slow process because I’m very picky (as you should be) and it’s not always easy to find the things I’m looking for. Especially at a good price. Coupons, discount cards, gift cards, and sales are my best friends right now…

The colour scheme I’m leaning towards is whites and greys, with accents of gold. As you can see in the above picks, I’m absolutely OBSESSING over gold accents these days.

There’s just something so feminine about gold accents. Who knows, this could all change in a year or two. But for now, I think I’m sticking with this colour scheme.

Firstly, how cute is that gold bar cart?! I’m on a serious hunt for one of these. I’m not sure if the above is exactly what I’m picturing in my head, so if you guys have any cool recos on gold bar carts, SEND THEM MY WAY. (You also don’t want to be in my head right now. It’s a bit of a clusterfuck with all the decor ideas.)

The Kate Spade polka dot plate and glass set is LIFE. I can’t even handle it.

And let’s not leave out the gold-plated cutlery set. I mean, serious #homegoals no??

I’m also totally in love with that coffee table. It just seems so perfect. I do have another idea for a coffee table which I will keep you guys in the loop about, but for now, this sexy gold one will do. It’s also from a home decor store that I die for, West Elm. They are a bit on the pricer side, however, just go in for the inspiration. Just. So. Good.

Lastly, gold accents. Lamps, frames, candles, candle holders, tea sets, useless paper weights, and even gold staplers!! Haha, yes, that’s a thing. And they are too cute!

What are you guys loving in terms of home decor? Any new home owners out there that want to share their home inspo?!

You can usually find me home shopping on Sundays, so come hang out with me on
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That’s all for now!

Ciao, kim


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