Two Of My Favourite Things Right Now: Brunch + Home Decor.

I mean, let’s get real though…
Who DOESN’T love brunch and home decor talk?! 
I’m definitely not the only one.
So, remember in my last post I revealed some big news…news that I’m officially a home owner? I also told you guys that I’m going to involve you in the entire decor process of my home decor, because why the hell not? 
You guys always have the best ideas, so it’s only natural that I’d involve you. Plus, The Chic Confidential platform has kind of made us friends no? Lol.

So, over the weekend, aside from blog shoots, my bestie and I took some time for an afternoon brunch in the city and then went home decor shopping. There’s nothing I love more than Pinterest when it comes to home decor BTW! (Follow my home decor board here).
Also, there’s nothing like decorating a home that you own. It feels MUCH different than decorating a home that you rent. Trust me. There’s something very liberating about it. 
It ALSO drains your wallet realllll fast. You kinda just want the BEST OF THE BEST for your new home, and won’t settle for anything ‘mediocre’ (as you would when renting). At least this is the case for me. 
My parents think I’m made of money all of a sudden. (I’m not) But how do you justify purchasing a super chic, marble plate set, to taking an old set of plates from your parent’s storage room. You know, the room where the useless re-gifts go? LOL. I’ll pass, mom. But THANKS. 
Somethings can’t be justified! 
On another note, I want to share some stuff that might excite you guys! Especially if you’re a new home owner, or are looking to renovate a room or two. 
This book, The Complete Book of Home Organization is everything!! This book came right in time for Spring and more importantly, right in time for my new move. It has everything from spring cleaning, to de-cluttering, to kitchen organization, and more. 
As a blogger, I can’t stand clutter. And as an events planner, I need to be organized 25/7…you feel me? So, this book is right up my alley. I can’t have things lying around everywhere, it’s distracting and therefore bad for blogging. 
For those of you with small apartment spaces and messy rooms, this book is for you!! Check it out, it won’t disappoint. 

Another little item I’m OBSESSED with are these custom-made Instagram coasters from Coastermatic
You guyssss, tell me these are not the most adorable coasters you’ve ever seen though? And if you haven’t noticed already, these are photos taken straight from my Instagram account. HOW CUUUTE RIGHT?!
This makes for the perrrfect gift for anyone OR the chicest addition to your coffee table. I know these will be a huge hit on mine 😉
I, of course picked some of my favourite fashion moments. Which included my tulle skirt in Paris, faux fur and fringe, a Fashion Week moment in Lucian Matis, and chic caftans on the beach
And because you guys are the best, you can get these coasters at a discounted price using the code: Chic_Confidential (Valid until May 20th.)
What would you put on your coasters?! SHARE.

Okay, so if you’re loving everything about this post, comment, snap me (kim-marquis) tweet me, or comment on my latest instagram photo and let me know. 
Also, recommend your favourtie home stores! Online/off line. What are you guys loving in terms of decor, these days? Share your Pinterest boards, I’d love to check them out!
That’s all for now!
Xx, kim

Thanks to Simon & Schuster for the book and Coastermatic for the custom coasters! As always, all opinions are my own. 

Photography by Victoria Jmourko


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