Stripes And Things. Plus, BIG News.

Haaaaaapppy Monday!!
Okay, no, I’m not THAT excited that it’s Monday…
How was everyone’s weekend? 
I couldn’t have been happier with the weather this weekend! If you live in Toronto, you KNOW that our Spring has pretty much consisted of snow and minus degree weather….
Everyone here had ALMOST given up on Spring completely. However, this weekend finally brought in temperatures we’ve been longing for. 
This of course, meant that it was patio weather!! Watermelon Mojitos + cold brew coffees. YUM. 

Shirt H&M  |  Skirt Joe Fresh  |  Bag Louis Vuitton  |  Shoes Vince Camuto
Since the weather was perrrrfect this weekend, I took the opportunity to do A LOT of blog work. I shot a bunch of fun stuff, including a few outfits. 
Can’t wait to post! Don’t worry, my weekends don’t always consist of A LOT of work. We have fun most of the time 😉
Let’s talk a little about this outfit. It’s very sexy-librarian if you will. Haha. All I need are some thick-framed glasses and I’m golden. 
I love a striped print though. It’s very sliming and super flattering to the body. Pairing it with this skirt was also great. I’ve shot this skirt before, and I just love how comfy it is. 
Also, these Vince Camuto shoes are everything. A bit on the painful side, not gunna lie, but who cares right? Sometimes a little pain will go along way. Haha. 

I also wanted to share some big news with you all!

When something happens in my life, I LOVE sharing it with you guys. I feel like The Chic Confidential has become a platform where I can really connect with my readers, and I love, love, love the support you guys give me.

So anyways, the big news is that, I’m officially a home owner!!

After months and months of searching for the perfect place, I found something that I absolutely love! It pretty much had everything I was looking for when looking for a place.

Soooo excited to share this with you guys, because now you can totally expect lots of updates on home decor purchases, and more! Can’t wait to bring you guys inside my home…sounds weird, but when you’re a blogger, not really right?

I want to bring you guys along on the journey as I KNOW you have tons of feedback, advice, and major ideas that you can share. Follow along on Snapchat because it’s just WAYYY more fun there. Haha. UN: kim-marquis.

I’ll be sharing all my decor, furniture, etc. purchases, and I’ll need you guys for everything. So, come hang out with me!

And if you guys have any advice on condo living, or know of any major online or in-store sales, DO SHARE!! I need all the sales I can get right now! 
So far I’ve only got my couch and just yesterday purchased this bed. ON SALE! How gorgeous is this bed though?!
Okay I’m off to peruse more home decor websites! 
Chat soon,
Xx, kim
Photography by Victoria Jmourko


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