Snapchat Vibes.

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Happy 1st of April, you guys!!
I can’t believe it’s already the weekend (and April for that matter!) This was a super short, super quick week. I feel like so much got done in such a short time. It actually felt productive! 
I kinda feel like all work weeks should be 4 days long. No? 
Did you guys see my new Sosken coat?? #SoObsessed 
What’s everyone up to this weekend? 
I have some fun stuff going on, so you want to make sure you’re following along on Snapchat. 
Snapchat is seriously where it’s at these days, guys. Instagram is kinda boring. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and use it, but I just LOVE how real and instant Snapchat is. 
I also love how I can interact with so many of you instantly. I love the feedback and fun we have on Snapchat. It’s very personal and real. I feel like you guys are really getting to know me on a personal level. Of course, I don’t share everything on Snapachat, but you get it. 
So, if you aren’t already hanging with us, COME HANG. (UN: kim-marquis)
Other than that, have a FABULOUS weekend, lovely people!!
Until next week Xx, kim


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