My Favourite Nudes.

My favourite nudes.


Happy Friday, friends!!

And yes, we’re talking about nude lipsticks…get your minds outta the gutter. 😉

I always have a hard time finding the perfect nudes. Why is it so easy for Jennifer Lopez?! That woman OWNS it when it comes to nude lips. Amiright??

So, when I find good ones, I obviously love sharing them with you guys, cause we all know….the struggle is real!

These are my top five. I’ve linked them up there. I have gone through SO many nude lipsticks, and thrown out a bunch that just don’t look right with my skin-tone.

If you guys know any good ones for…”brown girls” (ha!) then please share them below in the comments! As much as I love the ones linked above, I’m still on the hunt for that “J-Lo” nude.

What’s everyone up to this weekend?

If you were following me on Snap (kim-marquis), you already know that I was getting pampered at the Four Seasons Spa in Toronto. Everyone must check out their spa. It’s absolutely gorgeous and they offer everything! Literally PERFECT for a relaxing girls day. I’m SO in need of one asap.

On another note, my beautiful bed arrived. I obviously can’t put it together yet, because I don’t get my new place until June. My current place is slowly turning into a huge mess with everything I’m slowly buying for the new place.

ALSO, Wicker Emporium is having a huge sale on throw pillows. I grabbed a few, cute grey and gold ones.

Okay, I’m off to browse the web for a coffee table. Any suggestion, PLEASE leave links below!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!

Xx, kim


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