My Do Or Die Curl Kit.

K, let’s talk hair again. 
You guys know, my curly hair is pretty staple for me. I’m kinda known for it. Growing up, I was that skinny child with unruly, curly hair. Age 11-15 was just an awkward, awkward time for me. LOL. I died for straight hair when I was younger. I literally wanted to permanently get rid of curly hair…
When I realized that “permanently” straightening your hair would be somewhat of surgical procedure, I got over that pretty quickly. The curls were here to stay. 
Once I wrapped my head around having curly hair….forever, I actually invested in great products for my curls, and now couldn’t be happier with my naturally curly hair. 
Don’t get my wrong. I get sleek and straight blow-dries all the time, because anyone who has curly hair, KNOWS the struggle is realllll. Haha. 

I’m pretty picky with the stuff that goes into my hair as well. And I’ve done a post on some products I use regularly. 

Kérastase Canada saw my curls, loved them, and sent me their new Discipline Curl Idéal regime from Kérastase PARIS. I was SO thrilled to receive their package, because I was actually looking for some great new products for my hair. I love to mix it up and try new stuff. 

You guys know I would never recommend stuff on The Chic Confidential that I don’t use and/or believe in. I’ve been using these products for over a month and a half now, and I’m LOVING it for my curls. I will use ANYTHING that makes the process of having curly hair, easier! Oh, and actually defining my curls 😉

The Cleansing Conditioner is your typical conditioner, that’s super moisturizing. It really tames those curls down, which we all know, is near to impossible sometimes. I LOVE that it’s sulfate and silicone free. A total added bonus!
The Oleo Curl Creme is the PERFECT curl relaxer in my opinion. I have used a ton of curl creams, and this one is one of my faves. Use this on damp hair and it really defines and softens your curls. SO GOOD. 
The Curl Masque is also one of my faves. You guys already know the obsession I have with masks. Whether it be hair masks or face masks, I’m in! This one is so great for getting rid of any frizz, which is perfect, because curly hair LOVES frizz. It’s also just realllly good for your hair. If you wash your hair once a week (like I do) you can probably use the mask every time. However, I don’t like my hair too silky to be honest. I like it a bit coarse, so I use the masque about twice a month. 
And lastly, The Curl Mousse. So my only memory of ever using mousse was wayyy back in high school, where I would wet my hair (in the sink) every morning and add a shit ton of mousse to my soaking wet hair, and by the time I got to school, my hair would be rock hard. That shit would NOT move. Don’t tell me you guys haven’t done that either! LOL. Thank GOD those days are long gone….
This mousse is quite different, and actually so amazing. I’m happy to say it doesn’t make my hair rock solid. Guys, crunchy hair is NOT cool. It might have been 10 years ago though…
Anyways, I strongly recommend trying these out if you have unruly yet gorgeous curly hair. It’s ALL about the products you use and put in your hair. I once hated my curls and wished death upon them. Now I wouldn’t change them if someone paid me. 
If you guys have any products you strongly recommend, PLEASE share them with us, curly-haired chicks. I’m ALWAYS on the hunt!
And if you’ve tried these products, let me know what you think!
That’s all for now. Xx, kim
Thanks to Kérastase Canada for sending these over. As always, all opinions are my own.



  1. April 6, 2016 / 7:53 pm

    Sounds like great products. I have curly hair andryer am always on the hunt for great products.

  2. April 6, 2016 / 7:56 pm

    Stephanie, you will love these!! Let me know if you try them out!

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