Celebrating Canadian Fashion + THIS DRESS by Sakhuja Designs!

Okay, just an FYI…the white shit in my hair is snow…not dandruff flakes, in case you’re wondering. LOL. Because, here in Canada, it snows in the Springtime…
Moving on………
SOO much Canadian fashion this weekend and I’m SO proud to be a part of it/wearing it!
There is nothing more inspiring than a weekend that celebrates our very own culture/fashion. Two of my favourtie things. 
I attended Greta Constantine’s 10 year anniversary event at Casa Loma this weekend. Where do I begin with how beautiful the event was?? Being an event planner, I literally pick at everything. From the decor, to the lighting, ambience, food, entertainment….down to the littlest detail of linens! LOL, anal much? yes! 
The theme of the event was “royal,” so naturally the venue was pretty much perfect. Having an event at Casa Loma doesn’t require much decor. It’s stunningly beautiful…and SO royal!

The second you walked in, you pretty much felt like a goddess because of the lighting/ambience of the venue. The little decor that they did have, was perfect. They also had a beautiful display of the thought process of Greta Constantine’s latest collection. Every little detail, including the models’ hair and make-up, was thought out. 
The food was impeccable. I go STRAIGHT for the food btw….(kinda the way to my heart.)
Cornish hen and rice balls (I think…haha) with a mango salsa on top was my absolute fave!! They also had passed screwers of tuna, beef, mini beef patties and the most delicious cauliflower heads with cream cheese drizzle on top, served on individual spoons. Everything was SO DAMN GOOD.

The evening would not have felt NEARLY as royal if I wasn’t wearing the most amazing custom made dress by none other than one of my favourite Canadian designers, Natasha Sakhuja of Sakhuja Designs.

You guyssss, how amazing is all that fringe though?!?! We already know that my love for fringe runs deeeep, but the fringe and sequins all over this dress made my LIFE.

The second I saw this dress from her collection, I instantly KNEW it was perfection for the event. It actually screams royal, no?? And the fact that it was a two piece was even nicer.

I also love that it was a bit Indian-inspired. Made me feel quite like Princess Jasmine.

Go follow her on Instagram right now: @sakhujadesigns

The whole night was just beautiful. Celebrating Greta Constantine’s milestone was absolutely amazing. So proud to have such great Canadian talent right here in our city. Congrats to the boys, Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong on their amazing success! Here’s to another 10 more great years!
Okay, here are some photos from Snapchat:
With  the amazing Glen Baxter, blogger friend, Solmaz of The Curious Creature, and my hot date, Daniel Pillai.
With the lovely/crazy Beckerman gals!
If you guys want a custom outfit by the talented Natasha Sakhuja, please contact me and I can put you in touch with her! 
Have an amazing week, everyone!!
Xx, kim



  1. April 3, 2017 / 6:52 am

    Prices are reasonable, food is delicious, and wait staff is sweet, conscientious, and adorable. I came here for an event, got contained to upstairs. Service at Los Angeles event venues was prompt and food was awesome.

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