Menswear Post: 3 Ways To Wear A Skinny Tie.

I’m so, so, SO excited to bring you the first menswear post on The Chic Confidential! 
Firstly, HOW CUTE IS MY MODEL?? (He’s taken, ladies!)
Secondly, how was everyone’s weekend?! I had the most relaxing weekend ever. Saturday night involved stuffing my face with pizza, wine, and switching between Mean Girls, and The Lucky One on TV. Haha. Who doesn’t love a little Lindsey Lohan action?
Okay, well let’s jump right into these looks. Note: I have an obsession with guys in skinny ties. They are SO chic and adorable. Do we agree? Those fat ties are out. Literally THROW them out, and get yourself some skinny ties. There are also different skinny tie widths, so you don’t have to get the skinniest one.
Everyone check out Skinny Tie Madness, because they have the nicest, and most affordable skinny ties ever. 
Let’s talk about my model, Taras. He’s my best friend’s cousin, and I’ve known him forever. I’ve actually known him since he was wayyy shorter and smaller than me….and as you can see in the above photo, he’s all grown up. #Adorable

K, I love this look. Print on print is wayyy cool, if done right. You can’t just throw a bunch of prints together and expect it to work out. Be strategic. You want to do a subtle print with a bold one. As you can see, the skinny tie is a bold print, so we paired it with a subtle printed shirt. 
This can be a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt by the way. I just went with a short one here. 
This look is great for work or a post-work, evening-out kinda look. You can also throw on a blazer to sass it up a bit. 
Cute right??

Moving on to Look 2….
My model is already sick of the outfit changes… Two more to go!!

So with this look, the skinny tie is a subtle accessory. I love how it’s there, but barely. 
You can also do a v-neck sweater with this look. I actually prefer a v-neck, however we only had a crew-neck sweater to work with. Still though, very cute. 
To make this look a bit more casual, roll up the sleeves and let the white shirt show a little under the sweater. 

This is probably my favourtie look out of the three! It’s such a sexy, rugged look on men. This is kind of a transition look between day and night. You have that blazer look for the work day, and then switch over to a sexy leather jacket for an evening out. 
It’s so effortless and easy, and it’s just SO HOT. 
Do we agree? Disagree? 
Weigh in!

I had SO much fun shooting this menswear post for you guys that I shared this on snapchat (UN: kim-marquis), and ALSO put together a little behind the scenes video! See below.  
There was non-stop laughter on set. 


At this point, he is SO sick of selfies, snapchat, insta, and twitter….lol!
That’s what you get when you agree to shoot with a blogger! Xo
Okay boys, what do you think of the looks? Do you love/hate? I wanna know!
And gals, weigh in on your thoughts on these looks. Do you wanna see your men in skinny ties??
Alsoooo, happy Monday, have a FABULOUS week!
Xx, kim
A HUGE shout out and thank you to my gorgeous model, Taras Chved and photographer, Victoria Jmourko.
This post was sponsored by Skinny Tie Madness, thanks to ChicExecs.


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