Denim On Denim…ON DENIM.

Head-to-toe in DENIM!! I kinda feel like a GUESS model…no?! Haha, okay maybe not. Those hotties have boobs, hips, and bums. I could use a little of all that!

Nonetheless, denim on denim is hot.

However, denim on denim, ON denim is even hotter. Yes, that’s three layers you guys. Whoever said you can’t be a little rebellious with fashion, never put on three layers of denim…

I am totally digging this look though.

Honestly, sometimes the weirdest combinations can look good on. I never really thought three layers of denim actually would. But the idea came to mind. I put it on, styled the shit out of it, and wore those layers with confidence. ūüėČ

Plus, those jeans are life. SO. MUCH. YES.


What are you guys thinking with the whole three layers of denim? 
Yes/No? Would you rock it?
I’m also in love with the white pump for Spring. It is Spring right? The weather is telling me no…
There were hints of snow yesterday… 
I was literally packing my bags for Cali and going to leave this country forever. Somehow I’m still here. 

How’s everyone’s week so far? 
I had a pretty eventful day yesterday. (You probably already know this if you’re following on snapchat) 
I was invited to guest speak at a high school in Kitchener on Event Planning. As you guys know, blogging isn’t my full-time gig. I’m a full-time events coordinator and love it. 
I spoke to two grade 11 classes and 1 grade 12 class on event planning, the tasks involved, different events I have been involved in, my background in fashion, and my journey into the events industry. 
This was sooo much fun!! Teaching is definitely hard work but I had a blast with the students, and I think I may have even convinced a few to get into event planning! #MissionAccomplished 
The whole thing was very Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher. Except I wasn’t wearing Louboutin’s and there was definitely no pot involved. Oh, and I actually really like my students. Haha. 
Check out my snapchat for more on this. Username: kim-marquis.
That’s it for now folks! 
Xx, kim
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Photography by Victoria Jmourko


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