Weekends In Casuals.

Happy Monday, everyone!
How was the weekend? 
The weather in Toronto was beyond fabulous this weekend. I’m talking like +10 degrees, which is pretty UNHEARD of during the middle of February! So, when shit like this happens, people go nuts. Everyone get confused and starts walking around in shorts and heading to the beach. Lol! I mean, it’s warm, but it aint that warm, you know? You still need a winter jacket…at least I do!

My weekend was super relaxing. I ended up having brunch at Cluny Bistro again. It’s such a cute spot, and they have the best breakfasts. It’s right in the Distillery District. The area is adorable, so spend the day there, and just walk around, check out the cute shops. Go when it’s a kind of a warm day, because you’ll want to be walking around. It has a very European feel to it. And who doesn’t love Europe, right?
Anyways, this outfit was what I was feeling ALL weekend. It’s SO comfy-casual, yet chic as hell. I mean, if you ever want a simple blouse to look super chic, just do up the buttons all the way to your neck. This automatically makes your outfit hella cute.

I threw on a little cardigan over the whole outfit because why not? And FYI, if you’re wondering what the hell I’m doing with it tied around my waist like we used to do in grade school….think again! This look is so coming back…that’s if it was ever out 😉
I’m totally digging it with this entire look. No?
What do you guys think? Would you go back to tying your cardis around your waist? 
So what were you guys up to this weekend? Share in the comments!
Oh and if you were following me on Snapchat, you would’ve seen that I made my first Indian dish last night–Chicken Tikka Masala! SO many of you snapped back wanting the recipe, so I will definitely do a post on that. If you aren’t following, go do that now: Username – kim-marquis. 
Okay, that’s it for now, friends!
Chat soon.
Xx, kim
Photography by Victoria Jmourko


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