Valentine’s Day Realness + A Gift Guide of Things She’ll Actually Want.

I’ve already mentioned in my previous post how much of a non-Valentine’s Day fan I am. And before you start judging me thinking ‘bitter-old-bitch who’s dated some real assholes…,’ think again. I’ve never liked the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day, and I’ve in fact, been blessed with non-asshole bfs. Quite the contrary actually, (the kind that celebrated v-day with or without my liking it.)

Still though, never cared for the holiday. Why are we celebrating love on only one day? Not that I’m a crazy romantic or anything, but even I know not to celebrate love on just one day out of an entire year. What happened to surprising each other with chocolates on random days? Hiding love notes in the bathroom here and there? Rose petals on the bed on a day that’s not Feb 14th? If you’re already doing this on the regular, and still want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day “holiday,” all the power to you! Congrats on being a super duper cheesy (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) couple.

If you’re not, well stop giving into this Hallmark holiday, and start romancing outside of Feb 14th. Seriously. Do it. Your girl/guy will appreciate cute shit stuff wayyy more if it’s done random times of the year, instead of on this very cliche day where EVERYONE is going out for (over-priced) dinners and buying each other (over-priced) flowers.

And for the record. What is up with guys and buying their women whole boxes of chocolates?? Do I look like I need to gain 10 pounds? A bar will do just fine.

Be different. Don’t give in. I’m not saying you can’t be cute on Feb 14th though. Just do it in a non Hallmark way you know? Cook your dinner…perhaps together? Open that expensive bottle of wine that’s been sitting there for sometime, get drunk, and sing some karaoke. Now that’s my kinda v-day. 😉

Now, to basically contradict everything I just said, (because I KNOW most of you men will end up buying shit for your gfs on Valentine’s Day anyways), I have put together an amazing gift guide so that you don’t end up getting really random stuff that she’ll have to pretend to like.

You’re welcome.

Everything in the above gift guide is something I would TOTALLY love getting for V-day. (If I was celebrating, of course). 
♡ Titika Active Couture
Loving this brand for super cute activewear. Check out my latest post on all the hottest styles. You can’t go wrong with sexy workout gear. 

I’m so in love with these! How frekin sexy are they under a white blouse? I’m loving these, these, and these. Link me your faves. I can’t get enough!

Kate Spade Planners
We all know my obsession with organization. I mean, I LIVE for planners! I never ever go anywhere without mine, and these Kate Spade planners are so chic.

Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours
If you guys have been following me on Snapchat (un: kim-marquis), you know how much I’m LOVING these Revlon lip colours! They are so pigmented and beautiful. The best part is they don’t dry out your lips, which is always a plus!

Lucky Star Jewels
Every girl loves her jewelry! And you don’t need to spend a fortune for Valentine’s Day. Something cute and trendy is always a nice gift. Doesn’t need to be diamonds, boys!!

Desk Phone Charger
I found this to be adorable!! Especially if your girlie works at a desk, whether at home or the office. It’s so cute and just makes your work space that much more workable. 

Okay guys, that’s a wrap on this V-Day gift guide. I hope this was helpful. PLEASE do share if you ladies/men have any other v-day gifts you wanna add. ALSO, share your thoughts on how you feel about Valentine’s Day. I’d love to know!

Chat soon– Xx, kim


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