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Hi hi hi!
Who else is SO excited that it’s a long weekend?! I know I am. So many fun things this weekend: Family Day, Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day), the NBA All Star games…(no one cares about sports) 😉 Anddd The Grammy’s! What are you guys all up to? Who’s doing what this weekend? I’m really just excited for the Grammy’s. Is that weird? 
On another note, Lent is here. Where my Catholics at? Do you guys do anything for Lent? Give up something? Try not to eat meat? So, every year I either try to give something up, orrrr I try to incorporate some act of kindness into my daily life. And not just for the 40 days….(if I’m doing the act of kindness thing). 
However this year, I decided to give up the most difficult thing OF LIFE. Are you guys ready?? 
Yes, I felt it was necessary for all that drama above there. But yes, coffee. And if you know me, you KNOW that it is seriously difficult. Some people think it’s difficult to give up eating meat. Oh no, not me…I can give that up easily. But coffee is the ultimate sacrifice. So we’ll see how this goes. I’ll keep you guys updated. I might end up going crazy, but if I can pull this off, then it’s safe to say, I can pull off anything!
Wish me luck.
And if you guys are giving something up/doing something good for Lent, share share share!
So, I collaborated with a friend of mine who is the designer and founder of Parer Clothing. Check them out. They just came out with some really chic baseball hats. Love dressing it down somedays with a hat. (Also, no one can tell that you haven’t washed your hair in some days…shhhh)
And speaking of hats, this fedora is everything. Such a great find! I feel like it instantly makes an outfit that much more interesting. This entire outfit actually is the perfect weekend-casual outfit. It’s for a day you ned to run around the city for meetings, errands, coffee breaks, shoots and still look like #girlboss. 
I also just did a post on my nighttime skin care regime. Many of you have asked me what I’m doing to keep my skin looking healthy and youthful. Firstly, THANK YOU for your kind words. Healthy, youthful looking skin is probably the most valued compliment to me! And secondly, I shared my secrets on the blog for ALL of you. When something is working out for me, the last thing I want to do is keep it a secret. Things like this are MEANT to be shared. So if you have any you’d like to share, please do so in the comments so that we all can benefit from them. 
Snapchat has been so much fun! It’s so raw and real, and I just love it. I’ve loved connecting with you guys too. The other day I was deciding on a blazer, and couldn’t pick one. I was about to buy both, but then I decided that Snapchat can help me choose! And mannn, did you guys help!! So thanks for that. If you guys aren’t following on snapchat, come hang, it’s funnn. Especially when my best friend, Victoria does really hilarious impressions of me. She’s really good. Lol. (snapchat username: kim-marquis)
And a shout out and BIG birthday wishes to one of my closest friends, Daniel, D, Queen D, Divalicious!! (Top right corner snapchat pic) Had such a fabulous brunch at Cluny Bistro last weekend. Everyone needs to go! The decor is SO on point and the food is delicious. 
Okayyyy, that’s it for now. 
Hope you guys have a really great, relaxing (or not) weekend!! 
Chat soon—Xx, kim


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